Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lisa Reese

Position: Formula One Correspondent 

Email: lreese@skirtsandscuffs.com 
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Lisa is a native of Dallas, Texas. She attended East Texas State University and graduated with a Bachelors of Science. She’s been a Formula One fan for 17 years and also keeps an eye on IZOD IndyCar and NASCAR. One of the things she finds most interesting are the subtle changes that are made to cars from circuit to exotic circuit. Even the slightest nuances can make the difference in tenths of a second! She also finds it interesting to see how former Formula One drivers do in other motor-sports both as drivers and to see how they fare with the fans. Lisa would very much like to see more women fans gather to F1. It’s an exciting, high tech sport that’s become a very different race from a generation ago.

She has attended both INDY and NASCAR races with her, now late husband and focused on all three series for several years. She now finds herself most closely drawn to the high-tech, curvy international circuits and drive-in-the-rain kind of tension and excitement that Formula One provides. She’s excited about and welcomes Formula One back to the United States for the first USGP since 2007. She is particularly proud that her native state of Texas was chosen to hold the event for the next 10 years.

A true Gemini, Lisa has a side that likes speed and thrill and another side that pursues a quieter balance. Besides motor-sports, fishing is her favorite pastime but she also enjoys zip-lining, is an FCDallas fan, boating, 4-wheeling, swimming, travel, cycling, and is a passionate gardener. She is mom to 4 rescue dogs, has won ribbons at the State Fair of Texas for her needlepoint, does quilting, beading, jewelry making and stained glass. Things she’d like to learn or do: kayaking, sailing, deer hunting, para-sailing, carpentry, welding.

After graduating college Lisa received a licenses in manicure and facial specialties along with a certification in make-up artistry. Lisa owned her own business for 15 years before making the leap to the tech industry to join her husband during the early internet days. After some major life changes, she is spending time catching her breath and taking a break from the business world.


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