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The Women of S&S

Administrative / Editing Team
Katy Lindamood – Skirts and Scuffs Founder and Columnist (Deuces Wild / Beyond the Byline)
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A NASCAR fan for nearly 20 years, Katy Lindamood is the founder of Skirts and Scuffs. With a passion for the sport and a clear goal in mind, Katy set out with a small group of female writers to debunk the stereotypes she encountered as a female fan. In addition to her duties overseeing the Skirts and Scuffs team, Katy writes Deuces Wild, a recap of the Penske Racing drivers Brad Keselowski and Kurt Busch. Although Skirts and Scuffs was her idea, Katy credits the team of amazingly talented writers and photographers for the success of the site and profiles some of their stories in her Beyond the Byline series.

Katy is employed as a sales associate at a large retailer and resides in Ashland, Kentucky, with her husband Ryan and their three dogs. She's currently in the middle of a full house remodel that takes up a huge portion of her time. Katy can be reached via email or you can find her on Twitter as @NASCARKaty.

Rebecca Kivak – Skirts and Scuffs Lead Editor and Columnist (Motor Mouth / Danica’s Dozen / Weekly TV Schedule)
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Rebecca Kivak is the lead editor of Skirts and Scuffs. Rebecca lives in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., about an hour away from Pocono Raceway. Though residing near one of the sport’s most unique tracks, Rebecca didn’t become a NASCAR fan until 2006. The first race she watched was the Nextel Cup race in Richmond, Va. From then on, she was hooked. Once racing got into her blood, it was impossible to ignore. She has attended races at various tracks and has represented Skirts and Scuffs at Pocono, her home track.

Rebecca works as a news copy editor and page designer at a local newspaper. As Skirts and Scuffs creator Katy Lindamood’s left (or is it right?) hand, Rebecca relies on her journalism background in performing her duties for the site. This includes working with staff writers on story ideas and editing their work, to writing her observations on the race that was in her weekly Motor Mouth column, as well as compiling the TV schedule and chronicling the progress of IndyCar driver Danica Patrick in NASCAR. Born with the gift of gab, she enjoys getting the word out about NASCAR and talking with fans about their favorite drivers and hot topics in racing.

She graduated from Penn State University in 2004 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Economics. In addition to NASCAR, Rebecca also follows IndyCar and other motorsports.

Rebecca can be reached by e-mail at or Twitter (becbeat555).

Amanda Ebersole – Skirts and Scuffs Associate Editor and Columnist (In the Rearview Mirror / Inside the Helmet / NASCAR by the Numbers)

Amanda developed a passion for racing and through working with Skirts and Scuffs, it has led her to opportunities she would never have imagined. After joining Skirts and Scuffs, Amanda soon found her passion in writing. Now as an Associate Editor, she works to bring you the breaking NASCAR news. Focusing on her columns In the Rearview Mirror, NASCAR By the Numbers and In a Man's World, Amanda doesn't stop there. Nicknamed the "Energizer bunny" by her fellow writers, Amanda is working on bringing the readers of Skirts and Scuffs interviews with their favorite drivers.

Amanda resides in Lebanon, PA and besides NASCAR she has a deep passion for cooking. Feel free to reach her via e-mail or Twitter @AmandaEbersole if you have suggestions or comments.

Unique Hiram – Skirts and Scuffs Associate Editor

Unique has been a racing fan for the past 14 years and that passion lead to her seeking out opportunities to write about this dynamic sport. After writing for a few other sites and deciding to take a leap of faith, she was given the chance to become a part of the Skirts & Scuffs family. This initial opportunity has led to her being chosen as an Associate Editor for the site. Additionally, she recently became a published author with a book entitled “Fast Lane Poetry,” which showcases a variety of racing aspects (e.g. racetracks, websites & fan experiences).

Unique currently resides in Manhattan, KS, and works as an Administrative Manager for a non-profit organization. Some of her hobbies include reading, singing and visiting historic sites. You can reach her via email or on Twitter @UniqueHiram.

Media Team / Photographers
Summer Dreyer – Skirts and Scuffs Columnist (5 Questions) - Media Rep.

Summer Dreyer has been with Skirts and Scuffs since the site’s humble beginnings back in 2009, but has written hundreds of articles for numerous websites such as,,, among others. Along with S&S, Summer’s work can also be seen at Summer’s first race for Skirts and Scuffs was in the 2011 Daytona 500, and continues to cover numerous events alongside her colleagues.

Summer began watching NASCAR at the age of 12 after playing a NASCAR video game, and has continued to keep up with the sport from her home in Topeka, Kansas. Other hobbies and interests include listening to country music, road trips, and making people laugh (or at least trying!).

Summer can be contacted via email or Twitter.

Lindi Bess – Skirts and Scuffs Columnist (WIN Series) - Media Rep.
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Lindi Bess has been a NASCAR fan for many years. Living in the Napa Valley, her home track is Infineon Raceway. Having attended many races there and it holds many memories with her family and friends.

As she got older, she felt the need to find something that she could really sink her teeth into. A hobby that would give back what she puts into it. One day while tweeting, she saw a request for women writers who are NASCAR fanatics! She remembers thinking, “THAT’S ME!” Tweeting back to @NASCARKaty, asking if it required professional writers or is amateur okay.

Before she knew it, she was writing for the Skirts and Scuffs website. Finding that certain something that fulfilled her creative hunger was a must at this point in her life and for it to involve the one sport that she’s very passionate about.

It wasn’t long until she found a niche in the world of NASCAR writers. She began to write about the Women in NASCAR. But it wasn’t enough to write about women, she wanted to interview women involved in NASCAR at any level. Bringing them to the readers of the site and to get her name out there and recognized.

Soon she was talking to people like Samantha Busch, Alli Owens, DeLana Harvick, Wendy Venturini, Amanda Speed, Angie Skinner and Jennifer Jo Cobb. It didn’t stop there. More recently she has been spreading her wings and interviewing a few male drivers including Clint Bowyer, Andy Lally and Marcos Ambrose.

Now with the WIN Series (Women in NASCAR) running strong, and her recent desire to also interview male drivers, Lindi is fulfilling a hunger that she felt would never go away, not to mention working with some of the coolest female writers in the business.

Just can’t get any better than this, or can it? Find Lindi on Twitter at @LindiB_NASCAR.

Rosalie Thompson – Skirts and Scuffs Columnist (Stewart-Haas Recap) – Media Rep.

Rosalie Thompson is a writer whose interests range from sandy beaches to NASCAR tracks.  She chronicles the interesting people she meets and the exciting events she attends to give her readers a unique view of life in the South.

Rosalie’s interest in NASCAR began when she was on a business trip to Daytona Beach and attended her first NASCAR race, the 1998 Daytona 500 won by Dale Earnhardt. She shares her impressions of the sport and the people who love it with her readers at Skirts and Scuffs, and Suite 101.

Amy McHargue – Skirts and Scuffs Columnist (Last Week in Retrospect) – Media Rep.
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Amy McHargue grew up in a small town 75 miles south of Indianapolis, Indiana. A love of racing was developed at an early age watching the speed of INDYCar on TV with her father, and the month of May always left her wishing she could be at the race. After graduating high school, Amy moved to Indianapolis, three miles from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and attended her first events at IMS in 1993. When 1994 brought NASCAR to The Brickyard, she spent time around the track during NASCAR practice and qualifications. That first year of The Brickyard 400, the fans and atmosphere drew her in and by race day Amy was a new fan of NASCAR. She watched Dale Earnhardt Sr. cross the finish line in 1995 from seven rows away from the track and was a diehard Earnhardt fan from that day forward. Since 1994 Amy has attended more than half of the Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 400 races.

Today, Amy is a single mom of a 14-year-old son living in Southern Indiana. Besides her love for NASCAR, IRL, and other forms of motor racing, she considers herself a bit of a weather geek and is an avid fan of The Weather Channel. A fan of sports other than racing, she is a fan of the Indianapolis Colts and the Cincinnati Reds. Amy reads a lot of best-selling fiction and enjoys the writing of authors Clive Cussler, Stephen King, James Patterson, Robert Ludlum, Jean Auel, and others. Amy received her Associate of Arts degree in Business in 2009, and her Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Security & Management in 2011. Ultimately she plans a move south to get away from winter weather. Her dream home would be a condo on the beach, a few miles south of the Daytona International Speedway.

You can follow @AmyMack74 on Twitter or contact her by emailing

Genevieve Cadorette – Skirts and Scuffs Columnist (Drivers to Watch / JR Motorsports Recap) - Media Rep.

Genevieve was raised in New Hampshire, not far from the Loudon race track, now known as New Hampshire Motor Speedway. She currently resides in a small town on Lake Norman in North Carolina, not far from all the race shops.

She grew up in love with the entertainment business and started to write when she was 13. Although never published outside of Internet blogging, Genevieve has written several stories including a screenplay she has shared with friends and family. Genevieve wrote about a lot of different topics but she found a connection when she started to write about NASCAR.

A fair weather fan of the sport, Genevieve has always enjoyed attending events at the track and would watch it with her dad occasionally and it wasn't until Valentine's Day in 2010 when she fell in love with racing herself during the Daytona 500 - the rest is history!

When she's not writing, she's spending time with her niece, sister, exercising, swimming or simply hanging out with friends.

Debbie Ross – Skirts and Scuffs Contributing Photographer

Debbie grew up in Boston, MA and has been taking pictures since she was old enough to hold her Brownie camera and snap the shutter. Her love of photography came from her father, who loved taking pictures and slides of anything and everything.

Moving to Dallas, TX in 1978, Debbie continued taking photos and in the past 33 years, has accumulated tens of thousands of photos and memories. Her favorite shots consisted of family, friends, weddings, animals, and beautiful scenery.

In 2008, a good friend of Debbie's bought her a ticket as a gift to her first NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway. She was told to watch the races, starting with the Daytona 500, to pick a favorite driver, and to learn the rules of stock car racing. "Are you kidding me?" she thought! Nevertheless, as a dutiful and appreciative friend, she did as she was told and was totally hooked from the first wave of the green flag.

Taking pictures at the races came naturally, and in March 2009, Debbie was fortunate enough to meet NASCAR driver, Jennifer Jo Cobb, who became a dear friend, and was gracious enough have Debbie as her guest in the NCWTS garage for the races she was able to attend in 2009 and 2010. Her pictures of Jennifer have been featured in Skirts and Scuffs, Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN and on other local network news programs. She will forever be in Jennifer's debt for this amazing opportunity!

Since becoming part of the Skirts and Scuffs team, Debbie has been able to expand her talents, and can now capture so much more at the tracks than she could in the past. Her camera may be small compared to the huge equipment the pros carry around their necks, but her eye is sharp and her determination strong. She thinks of herself as "short, round and stealth" and hopes she has been able to give our readers an enjoyable close-up and behind-the-scenes look at our beloved NASCAR.

You can find Debbie’s photos in the Skirts and Scuffs photo archives and you can reach her via email or Twitter: @dross411.

Columnists and Contributors
Lacy Keyser – Skirts and Scuffs Columnist (Hendrick Garage)

Lacy Keyser grew up in a NASCAR household having a grandpa who used to race as well. The 1998 Daytona 500 was the very first race she ever watched. Even at the age of five, that race would win her heart and eyes and from then on she loved NASCAR. She always said Dale Earnhardt was her first hero and the first driver she ever liked.

After Earnhardt Sr.'s death, Lacy quit NASCAR for a lot of years, but life is an ever-changing and her boycott of the sport didn't last forever. NASCAR was back full force for her and she’s been a loyal and true fan ever since. Sometimes her passion can be very overwhelming, but then again whose isn’t? Lacy loves to write for Skirts and Scuffs and enjoys writing her weekly column Hendrick Garage, which recaps the performance of the four Hendrick Motorsports drivers.

Besides writing, Lacy also is an actor, singer and dancer. She recently graduated high school and is looking forward to starting college, where she hopes to major in either writing or the dramatic arts.

You can follow Lacy Keyser on Twitter. Her Twitter user name is Smokinace88.

Melissa Wright – Skirts and Scuffs Columnist (Over the Wall) and Public Relations Specialist

Melissa grew up in LaPorte, Indiana. She's been in the racing circuit her whole life (36 years). Her father raced late models and ASA. At one point in the 80s he was Mark Martin's crew chief. The short tracks were her playground as a kid. They included Plymouth and South Bend Motor Speedway, Winchester, Salem, Anderson and so on. As a teenager, she helped with her father's racing enterprise prior to moving to Fort Worth, Texas, in 1991.

Melissa's first NASCAR race was the Daytona 500 in 1984 where the 3-Time National Motorsports Press Association Driver of the Year, Cale Yarborough, captured his last 500 victory. Some of her greatest memories as a kid were hanging out with drivers such as Ted Musgrave, Dick Trickle, Rusty Wallace, Ricky Rudd, Darrell Waltrip, Scott Stovall and Bobby Allison. Oh and sliding down the back banking on trash bags on rainy race weekends at Winchester.

She's a proud single mother of two children, which includes a son, Tyler, 19, who is a recent high school graduate and a daughter Autumn, 16, who will graduate in the class of 2013. Some of her hobbies include art, photography, karaoke, wine tasting and spending a lot of time at the beach. Her favorite things in life are: advocacy, pizza, attending NHL, NFL and MLB games, great friends, the beach, her dog and all things racing.

She has recently established her own business called Integrated Motorsports Marketing Group in which she seeks sponsorship and promotes drivers through marketing, primarily in the NASCAR circuit. Melissa has been a part of the Event Staff at Texas Motor Speedway for four years and became a grassroots advocate for the Be The Match Foundation last fall. For more information on how to become a donor and part of the registry, you can go to or email her at Her column “Over the Wall” focuses on the unsung heroes in motorsports. She can be found on Twitter as @MelissaJWright and also as @ntegratedgroup.

Candice Smith (Chief 187) – Skirts and Scuffs Columnist (Why I Love NASCAR)

Chief 187 is a writer, columnist, and blogger as well as creator of the widely popular Chief 187 Chatter. Her column “Why I Love NASCAR” and other articles are featured on Skirts and Scuffs. She can be reached via Twitter by following @Chief187s. To find out more please visit

Lisa Janine (LJ) Cloud – Skirts and Scuffs Contributor
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Janine (aka Lisa or LJ), a fifth-generation Texan, graduated from the University of Houston-Clear Lake with a degree in theatre arts. Her goal of winning a Tony award was derailed by marriage and childbirth, but she's worked in portrait photography, customer service, advertising and natural health. She lives in Houston with her now 19-year-old son, and doesn't regret having never seen the lights of Broadway from the stage.

Always a sports fan, Janine grew up watching Thoroughbred racing and rodeo. When she began dating her second husband, he introduced her to motorsports and NASCAR. Tex was a lifelong fan who showed her that stock car racing was much more than driving fast and turning left. She became a bigger fanatic than he was, digging into NASCAR history as well as the technical aspects of the sport. Together they watched all forms of racing from F1 to NHRA to the USLMRA. She took a brief hiatus following Tex's death in 2009, but returned to watching races during the 2010 season.

Her other interests include photography, writing, reading, natural health, history and genealogy. Janine is a new contributor to Skirts and Scuffs, with a fledgling column "Back Seat Driver." She's not yet been to a live race, but hopes to rectify that omission in the not-too-distant future.

Janine (Lisa, LJ) can be contacted by emailing or on twitter at @ljc777.

Paula Thompson – Skirts and Scuffs Columnist (Fast Facts)

Paula Thompson, from Williamsville, NY, is a freelance writer and photographer who writes the “Fast Facts” column for Skirts & Scuffs, introducing readers to the people, places, and history of NASCAR. Paula has also been published on Associated Content from Yahoo!, Yahoo! Sports, Bleacher Report and to name a few.

Paula is a long-time auto racing fan thanks to her father, who has been a crew member on a number of teams at Dunn Tire Raceway Park in Lancaster, NY, for close to 50 years. She can be reached on Facebook (PaulaThompsonFreelance), Twitter (@paulat14) and at her website

Kristina LaFountain – Skirts and Scuffs Columnist (Red Bull Rundown / Under the Spotlight) and Public Relations Specialist

As a columnist for Skirts and Scuffs, Kristina LaFountain writes Red Bull Rundown, a weekly race recap of NASCAR Sprint Cup and Red Bull Racing Team drivers Kasey Kahne and Brian Vickers. She also writes Under the Spotlight, which highlights an unexpected performance by a particular driver that week. Kristina occasionally publishes a piece called Racing Toward a Cause, which discusses the various philanthropic projects of drivers.

Kristina started attending NASCAR races around the age of 8 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. One of her fondest childhood memories is watching her uncles race pro-stocks at Stafford Motor Speedway and Riverside Park. Watching them win and getting to go out on the track to victory lane was always the highlight.

Kristina attended the University of Hartford with emphases in public relations and advertising and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Communications. Her longtime passion for motorsports and writing is what brought her to Skirts and Scuffs.

Kristina can be reached by email or on Twitter @klafounta.

Carol D'Agostino – Skirts and Scuffs Columnist (NASCAR Fantasy Fusion)

Carol D’Agostino is founder of Purple Cat, a niche public relations agency on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Born and raised above the Mason Dixon line in Pennsylvania, her journey with NASCAR began shortly after the death of Dale Earnhardt. Like many women she watched her first NASCAR race on TV on the sofa next to her now former significant male.

Carol received her first Fantasy NASCAR game as a Valentine’s Day gift, and began planning trips to races soon after. She has seen races at Dover International Speedway, Martinsville Speedway and Indianapolis Motor Speedway. “I still remember the first time I saw Dover Speedway. … how the track seemed to jut out of the landscape and then the smell of the track and the sound of the cars taking their laps. I was an immediate goner,” she says.

At the beginning of the 2011 NASCAR season Carol created a blog called justdebris ( An avid fan of Fantasy NASCAR, Carol hopes to help you groom your Fantasy NASCAR skills through the Shirts & Scuffs column NASCAR Fantasy Fusion.

Carol earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a certificate in Women’s Studies from Penn State University. She can be reached at

Beth Bence Reinke – Skirts and Scuffs Columnist (Faith on the Frontstretch)

Beth used to think racing was just “cars going in circles” until her two little boys started playing with NASCAR Matchbox cars. When the boys wanted to watch a race on TV, she watched, too - the 2001 Daytona 500. After that heartbreaking initiation into racing, she became intrigued by the sport that values faith, family and fans.

Now a passionate racing fan, Beth is the author of Race Fans’ Devotions to Go, a devotional book geared toward female racing fans. She is also the author of several children’s books and uses her background as a registered dietitian to pen magazine articles about health and nutrition. To read a few articles and learn about her books, make a pit stop at Beth’s website.

Beth has been to three races at Dover and hopes to attend more in the future. Her column, Faith on the Frontstretch, explores the role of faith in motorsports. You may reach Beth via her website or follow her on twitter.

Holly Strain – Skirts and Scuffs Columnist (NASCAR In Heels)

Holly Strain is bringing her single gal perspective to the Skirts and Scuffs family with her column NASCAR in Heels. The 20 year old Canadian born writer is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Media Relations through Athabasca University. She has a strong love for racing and fashion which is evident in her writing. Holly is a passionate dancer who has been taking and teaching classes for 12 years. Holly can be contacted via Twitter at @NASCAR_In_Heels

Some Skirts and Scuffs members are not represented in this bio page. Check back as we add additional bios and photographs. (last update 10/18/11)


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