The "Kyle Walk" Gets Attention Again at Homestead-Miami

How many times have we seen it this season? Kyle Busch gets out of the car or truck (depending on which series) and makes a beeline for his motor coach. He doesn't stop and tell the media what a crappy day he had and how he would have been a competitor if some silly mistake either on his part or his crew hadn't gotten in his way. He doesn't make a gracous exit. He's been known to pull off his equipment and toss it at the vehicle he just vacated.

Yes, the boy has a temper, and no it's not always been in his best interest to act in this manner but let's stop assuming that everytime he doesn't win he's having a temper tantrum. So what if he leaves his ride sitting on pit lane and heads for the motor coach. He isn't the only guy who does this. Since he didn't win he's not the story of the day. He's not the star of the show, yet the camera guys covering the event seem to find him no matter what and follow him until he goes out of the range of their lenses. How about we stop focusing on these events and spend that 30 seconds, or whatever it is, interviewing one of the top five finishers who get ignored for coverage of the "Kyle Walk." If it was any other driver it wouldn't be an issue, not at all.

It's not a popular opinion to be on the side of Busch, but when you look at the success he has had this season in all three series it's easy to understand why he get's so upset when things don't go his way. Busch honestly believes he has the equipment under him to each and every weekend to take him to victory lane. He's not being a punk. He's being that guy that knows some small mistake led to his downfall in the race and that had that one mistake not occurred his chances of winning were just as good as anyone else. Busch may not be liked by many, fans but it seems as if Busch is harder on himself than anyone in the media could possibly be.
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The "Kyle Walk" Gets Attention Again at Homestead-Miami The "Kyle Walk" Gets Attention Again at Homestead-Miami Reviewed by Katy Lindamood on Friday, November 20, 2009 Rating: 5