Ron Hornaday: Do the words pot, kettle, and black mean anything?

The Camping World Truck Series race at Texas provided Kyle Busch with the first win of his triple header endeavor. Matt Crafton played the role of the brides maid yet again, with Ron Hornaday, Todd Bodine, and Colin Braun rounding out the top five.

Now, truth be told, Hornaday is one of my favorite drivers in NASCAR. However, his post-race comments directed at Busch were quite hypocritical. Hornaday has made his career with a driving style that I refer to as "Big Boy Racing". There was a reason Dale Sr. tapped Hornaday as one of his drivers. Hornaday has never shied away from an opportunity to apply the chrome horn when necessary to move up in the running order. The way he lashed out at Busch was reminiscent of the behavior of his truck owner, Kevin Harvick, at New Hampshire, and just as inexcusable.

No views were available of the major back end damage that Hornaday claimed Busch did to the truck that ruined his night. It simply looked like the No. 51 was a better running truck than the No. 33. While that can definitely be frustrating for a driver, Hornaday needed to remember that he still has a 197 point over Crafton for the championship title. Granted, the owner's championship has yet to be decided between KHI and BMM, but the fact that Busch runs trucks without pay should not be viewed as relevant to how the racing plays out on the track.

So, although I tend to favor Hornaday and KHI in the NASCAR CWTS, I'll be cheering for Billy Ballew to get the owner's championship. BBM has brought back some of that old school feeling to the series, where upstart teams could go toe-to-toe with the big guys. It is just such circumstances that continue to see the number of truck fans increase.
Ron Hornaday: Do the words pot, kettle, and black mean anything? Ron Hornaday: Do the words pot, kettle, and black mean anything? Reviewed by Unknown on Saturday, November 07, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. I didn't get a chance to watch b/c I had to work but I'm sick of Horniday and his comments. I'd love to see Kyle drive in the truck series full time for one season just to see what he can do.

  2. I am so sick and tired of Hornaday and his comments about other drivers. I've never really liked him, and as this season went on my dislike for him has grown even more. My #1 truck driver is Colin Braun, and Hornaday ran his mouth about Colin during a race a while back when Colin wouldn't give up the position and let Hornaday go by. Hornaday nudged Colin up the track and Colin, who had the faster truck, returned the favor a few seconds later. Then Hornaday went on a rant over the radio saying stuff about Colin and that "the kid should know who he's racing and stay out of my way." And what he said about Kyle last night was way over the line. Kyle did nothing wrong. Hornaday just can't accept the fact that there is acutally someone out there who is better than he is.

  3. Hornaday acted the same way in the Nationwide Series and the Cup Series. He wanted everyone to get out of his way when he went by, but then fought tooth and nail when people tried to pass him the same way. I love Harvick and given the way he used to act, maybe he's rubbing off on his driver lol