The words coming from a regular everyday fan (Brad/Denny feud)

This is in response to follow writer Lauren Shaw’s post “Is Hamlin taking the feud with Keselowski too far?” Of course you guys may know about this heated rivalry between Keselowski and Hamlin and we know all the fans and who’s side they will take. You got a majority of Keselowski/Dale Jr. fans on Brad’s side and the Joe Gibbs driver’s fans is going to be on Denny’s side. And I admit I’m a Kyle Busch fan and I do like Denny Hamlin (I’m not a fan of his, yet). This story is going to be short and sweet, and I don’t want to do any race recaps because it’s obvious we all know what happened from last Saturday’s race from Phoenix. And I must warn you, this is not going to be a stellar opinionated article, but I’m doing this at the best of my ability.

To Lauren: I respect your opinion about this situation between Brad and Denny but my opinion is going to be a little different as you may notice.

For a few months now it seems that Brad Keselowski and Denny Hamlin can’t get away from each other. We have one driver who’s been getting involved in incidents for countless of times this season and only has received just one warning for it. And we have another driver who’s already been a victim to the opposing driver not once, not twice, but three times this year, and five overall. So my question is does Denny Hamlin have the right to be upset with Brad? Of course he does! Maybe Saturday’s comments during the post race may have been unexpected from Denny but he’s mad, he’s highly upset, it does seem that he’s had enough. Denny can’t count on NASCAR to tell Brad to quit his aggressive behavior, they seem to be fine with it. So what can Denny do, just let his frustrations out which is understandable. There is drivers out there that gets upset when they get into incidents and in the heat of the moment they say things that they shouldn’t say, especially to the media because things will get blown out of proportion. No one should take this out of control, mainly the fans. Let Denny and Brad deal with it away the racetrack and we don’t have to worry about this situation again. What comes to mind if you are a fan of any of these two drivers, just be real about it, what would you think if the tables were turned and Denny wrecked Brad? I would expect the fans will be upset about it, and I can’t blame them. But when it comes down to Denny being wrecked by Brad three times this year, you have to feel with what the Denny Hamlin fans are going through. Admit that your driver is wrong, you can’t always make excuses for them. You are still a fan to that driver no matter what, but they are not perfect. But when it comes down if Brad or Denny is taking it too far, neither of them is taking it too far. The one who is taking it too far, it seems that it’s us, the fans. Right now on Twitter we use #TeamDenny and #TeamBrad in our tweets and there is user accounts that is being made for fans to choose which side they are on. All I can say is have fun with it while it lasts, with the finale at Homestead coming up, this feud might be history, or it could be put on the shelf until Daytona rolls around, when the battle heats up in the Sprint Cup Series. I guess the story isn’t over just yet.
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  1. Damn girl, you know I am right with ya. I actually used to be a Brad fan but I can't stand that he keeps wrecking Denny. I also find it funny that Nascar NNS head (Joe Balash I think his name is, someone correct me if I'm wrong..) said he would not condone retaliation this weekend at Homestead. BUT.. didn't Brad say he was basically getting back at Denny after Denny hit him, and Denny just "didn't save it" like Brad had. And Denny barely even hit Brad, they were RACING for position.. Brad ran into the back of Denny, on purpose? That's where people's opinions differ. So.. in my opinion... it's so different the way Brad is racing people. And Nascar doesn't seem to do much about it. We'll see I guess!

  2. The thing is Denny hardly didn't touch him, he attempted to make it three wide, which you can do that at Phoenix, and he just nudged into his side a little bit and I highly doubt that Denny did it on purpose. But what's wrong that you get into the corner and just slam in the back of the guy and he's spins out, and poor Matt almost came so close into getting into Denny, he literally had to hit the breaks so he wouldn't hit Denny. But from my knowledge Brad was only warned once this season with his aggressiveness, which I think it was in Memphis. But you can't keep doing this week after week getting into drivers and get by with it, it's frustrating for the drivers and the fans. NASCAR or someone has to do what's right if it keeps on happening. But why would it matter the last race of the season is coming up on Saturday so everyone is going wide out.

  3. Michelle, there are a lot of things you said that I agree with you on. I know that if I was in either one of their positions, I'd be just as mad or as upset as that they are. I may of said that I make up excuses for Brad. But I DO know when he is wrong in what he does and believe it or not, I will admit to it. But I think any NASCAR fan makes up excuses for their driver sometimes just so they won't have to face the truth at that moment.

    I am saying this again and I probably should have put this in my article. But my friend (who likes Denny Hamlin) and I started the #teamdenny and #teambrad thing as a JOKE. And people took it way out of proportion. We were texting and teasing each other about our drivers and it somehow went onto twitter. I even said at one point that we were both acting like 13 year-old girls both giggling and just saying stupid stuff. When we both woke up the next day we were a little aggravated at how it blew up and as the day went on it only got worse.

    I can agree that yes, Brad takes his aggression too far. But he's not the first driver and he won't be the last. I also agree that if it's that big of a problem, then NASCAR should have said something a long time ago. How many times was Shane Hmiel warned and put on probation? What makes this different? Nothing at all.

    The only reason that I think that Denny may be taking it too far is if when he retaliates at Homestead, what if another driver is involved? If I would be that driver I'd be starting a whole new rivalry with both Brad and Denny. I just hope that their anger towards each doesn't ruin someone else's day.

  4. You bring up some excellent points Michelle. Lauren too. I've wondered how long it was going to take before it came to this between those two. I don't really think Denny took it too far with what he said after the race on Saturday, but I am afraid he may take it too far this weekend if he does, in fact, try to retaliate against Brad. One wrong move could not only screw up Brad's day, but other drivers' as well. While a good rivalry makes any sport worth watching, sometimes things can go too far and someone can get get hurt. I just hope it doesn't come to that.