Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chris Henry Dies in Charlotte, NC at Age 26

The National Football League (NFL) is certainly not NASCAR--but they are tied in one sense. They are the two most watched sports series in the United States today. Today we are all mourning the sudden and tragic loss of Chris Henry. It is not contained to just Cincinnati Bengal's fans, or NFL fans--it is a sports community mourning that such talent would be lost at such a young age. Henry was only 26 years old, and after several run-in's with the law--had just begun to get his life in order. He was engaged and planning a wedding; had three beautiful, healthy children; and his career had begun to take off, until an arm fracture that occured early November against the Baltimore Ravens side-lined him. If it weren't for that hair-line fracture, Henry would have been in Cincinnati preparing for this Sunday's game against San Diego yesterday. He wouldn't have been in Charlotte, NC--specifically Oakdale--getting wedding plans together for the off-season. Isn't it ironic how something so small affected his short life so greatly?

NASCAR ties in with his passing more-so than most think.

I spoke with a friend last night who informed me that the medic's that picked Chris up from Peachtree Rd. in Charlotte, NC were race-fans. Something insignificant but it does show that no matter what specific type of sport is out there, they are intertwined at one point or another. Also, the simple fact that this horrific accident happened in Charlotte, NC--the hub of NASCAR--also proves that although there are boundaries between specific types of sports--You can't say that the path's will not cross.

Rest In Peace, Chris Henry.

You were such a talented individual.

The entire sports community mourns your death.

Chris Henry

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Photo's courtesy of Cincinnati's WCPO Channel 9, and also Gregory Shamus with Getty Images.


  1. I still get teary-eyed when I think about this.

    Oh, and Shannon Spake covered the story in Charlotte for ESPN--just thought I should tell y'all that.

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