NASCAR Parrot Head Cup?

A friend of mine recently flew to NYC to attend a Jimmy Buffet concert. It was probably his 10th concert this year. Before I really thought about it, I said, "Once you've seen a Buffet concert, haven't you seen them all?" He looked at me surprised and said, "But I've never seen him at Madison Square Garden!" Once my brain caught up to my mouth, I realized that NASCAR fans and Buffet Fans have many things in common.

How many people have told us 'seen one race, seen 'em all? Once you've seen them go around the track 400 or 500 times, haven't you seen enough?' But, as we know, racing at Martinsville is very different than racing at Daytona. Wouldn't we like to take in 10 or so races each year? So it must be to see Buffet at Madison Square Garden or at Pine Knob. And like the set list can be different at each show, the finishing order is (nearly) always different at each race.

Tailgating at Buffet concerts rivals any Race Morning Parking Lot that I've ever been to. The set up is elaborate, the food is good, and beer is served at any hour of the day. And finally, wearing your Buffet-- Houston shirt is akin to wearing your Talledega-- 2003 shirt at this year's fall event.

Perhaps there is something in common genetically with NASCAR fans and Parrot Heads that drive them to the lengths to attend races and concerts? Perhaps its good music and good times.

Either way, Fins Up Race Fans!
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