Why Dale Earnhardt Jr Got My Vote??

Every driver in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series has a fan, or millions of fans for that matter. Dale Earnhardt Jr is at the top of that chart. It has shown for the past seven years as he has walked away with the NMPA Chex Most Popular Driver. This was a bit suprising as the 2009 racing season wasn't Junior's best year. However that didn't stop his dedicated fans like me to vote for him. Though the infamous last name might have quite a bit to do with it. It never once affected my vote. I was never really a Earnhardt Sr. fan, even though I knew he could drive like no other. I voted simply because I like Junior.

Dale Earnhardt Jr's season was far from good, showing a bit of improvement in the last four races. So the big question, Why would you vote for someone who didn't win a single race? Personality for me. The guy can run in 43rd position then 90 percent of the time, he is willing to talk and explain what happened or what what went wrong. Not many drivers can or are willing to do that.

Media scrutinized Junior almost every race. That didn't stop Junior Nation from cheering on their favorite driver. Why? Because a true fan never gives up on their driver. You stick with that driver through thick and thin. Since I was eleven years old I have cheered for Dale Earnhardt Jr and I have no plans on stopping.

Hopefully the new year will ring in some ones for the 2009 Most Popular Driver!
Why Dale Earnhardt Jr Got My Vote?? Why Dale Earnhardt Jr Got My Vote?? Reviewed by mander88racer on Sunday, December 06, 2009 Rating: 5