Herd Racing (NNS) Prepares for 2010

herd racing 01-29-10 — Lesage, WV — Veteran crew members Chad Beahr and Morris Van Vleet will head Herd Racing’s crew in the NASCAR Nationwide Series in 2010, the team has announced.

Beahr, of Mechanicsville, Va., will serve as crew chief for Herd’s #75 Nationwide Series team, while Van Vleet, of Mooresville, NC, will fill the role of car chief.

“We were fortunate to be able to get these guys in positions where their individuality can shine,” said team owner Dana Tomes. “Chad is a people person and Morris is great with setup and such, so we are looking for great results from them as a team.”

Both men have previously served as crew chiefs at various levels of racing. Beahr was Morgan Shepherd’s crew chief during the 2007 Nationwide Series campaign before running his own part-time Nationwide and ARCA effort in 2008 and 2009, while Van Vleet led Shepherd’s crew for most of 2008 and 2009 as crew chief.

“Both of these guys have virtually done it all from building the cars to final setup,” Tomes said. “I can tell already that our cars will be ready to go when we get to the track on race weekends. I think our driver and crew relationship will be one that will show great returns in 2010.”

Brett Rowe will again fill the driver’s seat for Herd’s Nationwide Series efforts. The team will kick off the 2010 season at Daytona and will determine the number of races it enters based on the team’s on-track performance.

“With the sponsorship situation the way it is in this economy our winnings will determine our future for the short term,” Tomes said.

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