Hour of Horsepower and Skirts and Scuffs Partnership

I have to say I am really excited about the partnership and very grateful to Katy for not only allowing me to be a part of this site as a writer, but also to promote my internet radio show, Hour of Horsepower, on this site.

I hope to go far with this partnership and feature many of the ladies of S&S on the show as often as they’d like!

My ultimate goal for the show is to reach out to NASCAR fans of all ages and genders to provide a real fan’s point of view on the sport and not just a media perspective. In the coming weeks, we want to focus on establishing ourselves as a serious talk radio show for NASCAR fans and try to get a driver or two to call into the show and talk with us roundtable without the pressure of the media.

As was mentioned before, any of you ladies are more than welcome to call into the show any time you’d like! We don’t have a concrete time for the shows but for now, it will be aired on Wednesday evenings sometime between 6-10 pm EST.

We’ll be holding late night fan chats on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings around 1 am as often as we can to discuss non traditional topics as well! This week’s topic will be Food Sponsors in NASCAR!

Katy and I will be working out the posting of the podcast on this site, but you can always listen to the archive here. The official site is HourofHorsepower.com and our official Twitter is @HorsepowerRadio. I can be reached via email at genna@hourofhorsepower.com!

Special thanks to Rebecca Kivak, Summer Dreyer (who’s partnered her own podcast, Next Time By, with HoH as well), and of course Katy Lindamood for appearing on the show and for their support!

Hope you will all join us for Episode 4 of Hour of Horsepower!

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