Danica Patrick Boots Kelly Bires, Twitter Reacts (Opinion)

It's more than her SuperBowl commericals gaining her attention-- and, as usual, some controversy as well.

Twitter went ablaze last evening when ESPN's David Newton broke the news that Danica Patrick would be driving in this weekend's Drive4COPD 300 at Daytona International Speedway.

"Myself and a few others decided to run next weekend. I am pretty excited!"

Apparently Kelly Bires wasn't in on that conversation.

"As everyone can see I will not be running Daytona," Bires tweeted the morning after the news broke. "Very bummed about it! I will be ready to make a statement in Fontana."

Bires was schedule to pilot the No. 7 JR Motorsports Chevrolet and then finish the year in the No. 88, which team owner Dale Earnhardt, Jr. will dirve for the season opener.

NASCAR fans on both sides of the argument took to the social networking website to voice their opinions.

"Not happy that D Patrick will run the NASCAR NW race... Wonder how she would feel if someone affected her chances at a championship" said Melissa.

"OMG! OMMG! Danica Patrick is running the NASCAR nationwide race on Saturday! I can't believe it! What drama! (heavy sarcasm) Geez..." NASCAR writer Tom Bowles remarked.

Patti Rodisch commented "I am glad she is racing, look ARCA is not true competition. She needs to run laps; sitting on the sidelines doesn't help her."

"I think it's awesome for the sport," Callie King added. "She's proven she can drive in IndyCar, and now deserves a chance at NASCAR."

Shaun Burke sent along that "I bet GoDaddy couls sponsor Bires entire weekend for the cost of one (SuperBowl 44) ad!"

While Patrick's stockcar debut in the Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 showed a successful sixth place result, it'll be interesting to see how she handles a 300 mile event with 42 other cars. Especially considering that throughout most of her ARCA debut, she asked riveting questions like if the drivers could see the light at the end of pit road, how to determine her pit road speed, and asking if she needed to turn her radio off under a yellow.

She's going to have to figure out all those things if she really wants to make it in NASCAR. Committing highway robbery to get her first chance at a Nationwide ride will prove to be just half the battle.
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