Genna's 2010 Championship Picks

For my 2010 Nationwide and Camping World championship picks, I had to do a great deal of thinking. I am never too keen on picking champions because I just don't understand statistics very well. All I really know is what I see on the track. With that being said, I've had a Cup champion picked out for a while now. I'm sure it will surprise no one who knows me well who my pick for Cup is. On that note, here are my NASCAR 2010 championship picks:

Matt Crafton headshot 09 Camping World Trucks - Matt Crafton isn't a champion, not yet, but he will be. I believe he will be the champion in 2010 for the Camping World Truck series. Matt was the 2009 runner up in the championship and finished 5th in 2008. Its really hard to believe that through all of this, Matt only has one race win. I am pretty sure that this will not be the case for 2010. I believe Matt will surprise everyone by taking it all this year.

Carl Edwards - flickr bristol motor speedway Nationwide - I know he is the popular pick and most people even expect him to win but I really do have to go in favor of Carl Edwards. Carl has already won a championship in the Busch series but it looks like hes due for another. I believe that coming in second place two years in a row has got Carl more determined than ever to follow up with another championship win.

Sprint Cup - This really shouldn't surprise anyone. I am picking the driver of the 2010 Daytona Feb Mark Martin closeup in carno. 5 GoDaddy Chevrolet: Mark Martin. This man is hungrier than ever for that championship and if anyone can beat Johnson, nothing would be sweeter than if it was his own teammate. Mark is ready and he's going to be stronger and more determined than ever to win this championship.

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