OBSESSED: A Fragrance For the Crazed NASCAR Fan

Okay, so this article isn't about a perfume for NASCAR fans, although that would be simply put, "Amazing." No this article is about the obsession I have for NASCAR and Dale Earnhardt Jr and I want to hear you stories as well.

Well my story started in December 2001. I had liked NASCAR and liked drivers such as Terry Labonte, Darrell Waltrip and Ernie Ervin. I liked them because my family members liked them, not because they were "my" driver. Well that all changed when I watched a race and noticed the No. 8 Budweiser DEI chevrolet. The driver was Dale Earnhardt Jr and I became obsessed!

In December 2001 I got my first piece of Dale Earnhardt Jr merchandise. It was a pack with playing cards, pencils and a t-shirt. I was so excited. The year is 2010, I am 19 and I have more Dale Earnhardt Jr merchandise then I could ever imagine. I have a bookcase about 61/2 feet tall, overflowing with Little E novelties, both No.8 and No.88.

There was a show on what is now FX and it was called NASCAR 360 and it followed drivers and their life. They had one on Dale Earnhardt Jr and he met a woman named Kortnie Coles. I cried when he asked for her number. I cried and I felt betrayed, and I was 13 years old. That is sad I know. It's also very funny, so go ahead and laugh if you want. It's ok.

I CAN NOT give up on Dale Earnhardt Jr because for me that is like giving up on a family member. Junebug is such a huge part of my life and it wouldn't be the same if I never saw him race the No.8 Budweiser Chevrolet.

Now, if only I could meet him."Hi", says Dale Earnhardt Jr. "AHHH," thud as I fall to the ground because Dale Jr just said, "hi",to me. I can picture that to happen.

As much as I am a Little E fan I am also a diehard NASCAR fan. I asked for the day off from work so that I wouldn't miss the 2010 Daytona 500. I've been to four races gotten about 15 autographs and have stood in front of the SPEED stage for four and a half hours just to get on TV and say HI to drivers and the personalities alike.

Are you obsessed like me? Do you feel there should be a meeting for us NASCAR crazies? It's what we eat, breath and live. It's our passion, our life and for some of us our destiny. For some of us we are new to the sport and some of us are, "pro",fans.

No matter what this is your, mine, our NASCAR!!


The opinions in the story are of the writers and photo is from when I entered in the Hellman's Real Fan of the Year contest to meet Dale Earnhardt Jr.
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