Time for Daytona - Who Do You Pick?

When the snow starts falling, the thoughts of all little boys and girls go to the big guy in the red suit….Oh, who are we kidding? When February comes, the only big guy in a red suit NASCAR fans are thinking about in Tony Stewart. The same Tony Stewart who’s becoming something of a phenom at Daytona, the new Dale Earnhardt Junior when it comes to drivers to watch. After all, he’s won three times at Daytona on the Cup side, including the July race in 2009.

Of course Tony’s not the only one to watch. You have Jeff Gordon, who won at Daytona six times, though not since 2005 and Kevin Harvick, who won the Daytona 500 in 2007 and finished second in 2009. Dale Earnhardt Junior has two wins and is a good choice on restrictor plate tracks, while Matt Kenseth won last year’s Daytona 500.

What it all comes down to is that the Daytona 500 is a crapshoot and almost any driver could walk away with a win. David Ragan has an average finish of 12th on restrictor plate tracks, Elliott Sadler had an average finish of 10.8 on restrictor plate tracks last year alone and Kyle Busch won the July race at Daytona in 2008.

So who do you pick to win? This writer puts the odds on Kurt Busch. He has 5-top 5 finishes and 6-top 10 finishes at Daytona and in the last two years, he’s had an average finish of 5.3 at Daytona. Plus he helped push his [now former] teammate Ryan Newman to the win in 2008.

Now that you know who I pick, who do you pick to win this year’s Daytona 500? Hopefully some of our writers will weight in with their own thoughts and opinions.
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