Women in Nascar’s Future……


Alli as a infant

Here we go again! If this was a beautiful baby contest, this youngster would have a great chance of winning. As an adult, she is a combination of a beautiful young woman and a tomboy at heart. As you can see by the mix in the photo, bib overalls and the dainty little umbrella. If anything is a dead giveaway in this photo it would be those gorgeous cheeks.

You can see it her eyes; She is already dreaming of what she wants to be when she grows up. She was born in Centralia, Illinois. Her family, unlike many, was not involved in racing professionally.

When she was 5 yrs old she competed in the Kindy 500 in Indianapolis, Indiana during the Indy 500 weekend.. The difference was that the driver’s were children and their vehicles were Big Wheels. She said, “My dad was the one who took me to the big wheel race without my mom knowing.” She ended up bringing home a first place trophy not to mention wearing the honor that she had been the first girl who had done so.

This young racer grew up racing BMX bicycles and Quarter Midget cars. At age 14, she won 1st Place in her first stock car event.

Who is she?

The winning entry will receive an autographed photo from the driver. Guesses will be accepted through on the Thursday 25th. The first part in a 2 part series on this driver will be out on Friday the 26th at 2 pm. The winner will be announced then.

Members of this site are not eligible for prizes and in order to be considered, an entry must include either an email address or Twitter id as part of the comment. Without one of these, we cannot contact you should you win.

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