Nationwide Insurance Dash 4 Cash: How it Works


If you tuned in to the NASCAR Nationwide Series in 2009 you no doubt heard about the “Dash 4 Cash” Program. The program has returned in 2010 and the first race where it’s available is coming up this weekend at Nashville.

In case your aren’t familiar with the program here’s how it works.

Program Summary
  • Created in 2009 and designed to increase the on-track excitement for the drivers and the fans, the Nationwide Insurance Dash 4 Cash is a bonus program implemented to develop and support NASCAR Nationwide Series regulars, up-and-comers and those who compete part –time in the Series
  • NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers must compete in every NASCAR Nationwide Series event in order to qualify for the individual race payouts
  • Increased 2010 year-end bonus award by 50%, totally $75,000
Dash 4 Cash Schedule
  • Nashville Superspeedway April 3
  • Kentucky Motor Speedway June 12
  • Iowa Speedway July 31
  • Texas Motor Speedway November 6
Bonus Structure
  • $25,000 cash bonus awarded to eligible race winner of the four Dash 4 Cash races *****Should winner not be eligible, the prize money will roll over to next Dash 4 Cash race*****
  • $75,000 year-end bonus awarded at the end of the season to the NASCAR Nationwide Series only driver with the highest number of cumulative points from these four races
  • NASCAR drivers who compete in more than 7 Sprint Cup races during the season are not eligible for the end of season bonus (even if you run all NNS races)
Previous Winners

· Brad Keselowski swept the 2009 Dash 4 Cash program collecting $100,000 during the regular season and the $50,000 year-end bonus
  • Nashville Superspeedway Joey Logano $0 (not eligible)
  • Kentucky Motor Speedway Joey Logano $0 (not eligible)
  • Iowa Speedway Brad Keselowski $75,000
  • Memphis Motorsports Park Brad Keselowski $25,000
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