He Won't Back Down

bradKdegawin Brad Keselowski. Many hate him, while many love him. I, for one, love him. He is a great driver with great talent that a lot of fans don’t see because of their hate for him. Brad has many wins in Nationwide to the wild win at Talladega. But the way he won’t back down has fans divided.

Many people do not like Brad's aggressive driving. People complain that he goes out there and just wrecks the drivers to get what he wants ... well, what driver doesn’t? Can we honestly say there isn’t a driver who races that wouldn’t wreck someone to gain position? Some of the greatest drivers in history were very aggressive, such as Tim Richmond, Darrell Waltrip and of course my favorite, Dale Earnhardt.

Now I hate comparing drivers to others, but when you look at Dale Earnhardt, people hated the way he raced - they said he was no good. But at the same time, the fans loved him. The fans loved to see him race and wreck someone, bash and beat someone. People loved it, and Brad Keselowski is bringing that back to NASCAR. I love watching Brad race with the big boys and not back down. He keeps them on their toes and I love that.

When I hear Brad say how he won’t let anyone walk all over him and he won’t let someone push him down, I think we as fans and people can relate to that. Because do we really like to be pushed down, or to be told what to do? No, we don’t - and that’s the stand Brad is taking. He doesn’t want to be pushed down; he won’t back down for what he loves doing, which is racing.

bradK12car Lately I’ve noticed a great change in Brad. His finishes and racing are getting better and better as the races go by. Whatever setup they have over at Penske is working great, and I mean great.

My goal in writing this is in the hope that maybe you can see Brad somewhat like I see him: a great upcoming racer who doesn’t get the respect and praise that he should. Some may not agree with me and that’s fine, but that’s just part of life.

Brad in a lot of ways has helped me in school and such. I used to not stand up for myself. I used to let people walk all over me, but when I heard Brad say he won’t let people bully him, it got me to thinking, why should I? Brad is a great inspiration to some, whether it's through his words or his racing. I know the feeling I get when I see him going three-wide or four-wide - it’s a great feeling, and actually, great doesn’t even cut it.

To sum this up, Brad Keselowski has the talent, has the heart and the great guidance to be the best. I’ve seen it a lot from him and I know soon we will see him in Victory Lane.

I close with a great quote by Brad Keselowski:

“When you are willing to tear down your own house just to get to someone else’s that is the epitome of defeat.”

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer.

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