I Love My NASCAR Driver (Series)

This series is going fantastic and hearing the amazing fan dedication has gotten me thinking about the dedication to my driver. Mr. Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr. I know its a big suprise seeing how he is the Most Popular Driver. I mean don't get me wrong every driver out there is great and there isn't a driver I dislike, however Dale Jr has my heart.

I was 11 years old when I found out about Earnhardt Jr. Unlike many fans I wasn't a fan of the Intimidator. I knew he was amazing I just wasn't necessarily a fan. To be honest I really wasn't a hardcore fan of racing. Before then I cheered for Darrell Waltrip simply because my parents did. I can't remember when exactly I noticed Junior but it was love at first sight. Driving that red No.8 Bud car with that blond hair. I knew we were going to marry soon.

Then I watched him drive and Dale Earnhardt Jr is one of the people I can thank for becoming obsessed with NASCAR. There was just something about him that stuck with me for eight years and counting. It may sound cliched but he is my honest to god inspiration. To watch him lose his father and his fathers team and redeem himself so well. Then to watch him hit some rough patches but never give up. He had his ups and downs and continues just to keep on pushing foward. I've gotten in heated arguments defending him through his down moments because he never once gave up.

I'm pushing for the day I get to meet my real life famous super hero. I've entered in tons of contests and am so afraid that the moment I meet him I'll cry.

Mr. Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr, you're my driver, my hero, my inspiration and my man.

Oh and if he would've just trimmed the beard. I was digging it. But he could shave his head or dye it black and well he would still be my favorite driver.

A special shout out to Joey "Sliced Bread" Logano who I have became a new fan of!"

Pictures: One pictures is from a contest I entered of me with some of my Junior collection. I have boxes and boxes of it in my attic, this is just the real special stuff. The other picture is of me next to Juniors pit box in Richmond during the Pit tour. That was so exciting. The next picture is of me at Jr Motorsports in North Carolina. That was the most amazing trip of my entire life!

Have a special you want to share about your favorite driver. Send me an email at missmander88@hotmail.com, and I will give you more information.
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