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Hi All! My name is Elise from Love, Lisy and once a month or so I will be putting up a step-by-step tutorial of a fun craft project that incorporates a racing theme for you to try out! I'm excited to be a part of this fabulous blog that celebrates women's love for racing (because I know I sure do!) and I hope you enjoy the projects!

I'm NUTS about YOU frame!
This first project I'm going to show you is a great way to show off that picture of you and your favorite driver! Or you can wrap it up and gift it to your loved one who is into racing or cars! Not to mention it's super easy and fun to create!

Approximate time: 1 hour (with drying)

Materials that I used to make this frame
Wooden Frame (Found at Michael's Craft Store for $1)
Acrylic Paint
Puffy Paint
Paint Brush
Hot glue gun
Nuts/Bolts/Screws (Found in the garage)
[This project leaves the door open for your creativity to take over. When I go through the steps I will leave side notes on different routes that can be taken .]

Step 1: Prepping/Painting your frame
If your frame has a glass front, you're going to want to tape off where the wood meets the glass so you don't end up painting the glass.
Next, paint your frame! You might want to paint a second coat over the first depending on the color you choose. Make sure you get the sides and back of your frame :)
Here you have a choice at many different color paints to choose from. You can choose your color based upon your driver's car's color scheme or to just simply match the picture that will be later placed in the frame.
Also, you can create stripes by taping off every other inch or so. Another fun way to switch it up is to paint the sides a different color that the top.

Step 2: Give your frame that "grungy" look
This step is optional but it gives the frame character!
After you have your main color down and it is completely dry, take a smaller brush, dab it with white paint and kinda brush it on a paper towel to get most of the paint off and lightly brush it over the frame to give it that grungy look.
Again, you have a choice at a variety of different paint colors to choose from. You can also choose more than one color and kind of overlap them! Just make sure you let the first layer dry before moving on to the other color!

Step 3: Adding the nuts/bolts/screws
After all the paint is completely dry you are going to take your hardware and position it on the frame however you want it positioned. After all of the nuts/bolts/screws are in place, take your hot glue gun and carefully glue them one by one onto your frame.
Here you have the option to choose how many nuts, bolts and screws you use (or not to use) and where on your frame to position them.

Step 4: Add the title
I used puffy paint to paint on the title "I'm nuts about you." If you're not confident with free handing the title, you can use stencils or even go buy stickers and add them to your frame instead!

Add your favorite picture of you and your racecar driver or fanatic anddd Viola!
The finished project!
I hope you decide to try it out and have fun making it!
I would love to see a picture if you decide to give it a try!
Be sure to check back in the next month or so for a new fun tutorial!
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