Exciting Nationwide Race at Darlington

They call Darlington Raceway "The Lady in Black." It is a very difficult racetrack that many drivers say is too tough to tame.

Last night's Nationwide race at Darlington was exciting from start to finish. It lead with a lot of cautions and interesting racing. The pole sitter for last night's race at Darlington was Denny Hamlin.

Hamlin lead a total of 111 laps and his teammate Kyle Busch lead 17.

Hamlin lead the final 63 laps of the race. He was also battling Busch for the race win. Busch had a strong car all night but couldn't pass Hamlin for the race win. On the final lap Hamlin took the checkers and won the race.

Hamlin and Busch were racing Friday night for charities: Hamlin for Operation Helmet and Busch for Racing 4 Kids. They ended up donating money to both charities. Hamlin posted his third victory at Darlington in his first five starts and all three came from the pole.
Exciting Nationwide Race at Darlington Exciting Nationwide Race at Darlington Reviewed by Carlie Nichols on Saturday, May 08, 2010 Rating: 5