Does My Age and Sex Really Matter? I'm A NASCAR Fan!

Being a 17 year old girl most would think I have crushes, but I’ve never been the kind of girl to go crazy over someone who I will never have a chance with. Granted, I do find certain celebrities cute, but I never understood the fascination people have with them. 

A negative point about being young and a fan of anything is certain people don’t see you as someone who could like something for what it is; but for who’s in it. The people who have these opinions about young fans get their thoughts from the girls who let their crushes move over into obsessions, and ruin it for those of us who actually like the sport for what it is. I have seen girls and guys alike only watch NASCAR, football, or like bands because of the guys, or girls involved in it. It’s not just young people who do this either, I’ve seen women as old as 50 “fan girl” over Joey Logano online. 

For me, I enjoy watching NASCAR because of all the strategy involved, how the relationship between a crew chief and a driver needs to be close to perfect in order to make the right decisions to have a winning or top 5 car. I do have to admit, it’s definitely a plus to have something nice to look at, but you don’t see the drivers for multiple hours in between start and finish. How is there a point to watching for the good looking guys if you can’t even see the good looking guys?

Maybe I’m just not your average girl, but I say if you’re going to enjoy something enjoy it for what it is. Pay close attention to your driver; or in some cases drivers, and watch what it takes for them to get their car where it needs to be.


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Does My Age and Sex Really Matter? I'm A NASCAR Fan! Does My Age and Sex Really Matter? I'm A NASCAR Fan! Reviewed by Molly on Friday, June 18, 2010 Rating: 5