Fans In The Stands – My Eldora Experience.

When we got our tickets for Eldora, I was completely excited! This was my second time going to the charity event and I was hoping for Kyle Busch to win! He had done great in the 2009 race so what’s to say he couldn’t win the whole thing?! June 9th was going to be a great day!

There was only one thing in the back of my mind that could spoil the whole event: rain. It had rained in the morning when I was getting ready, I mean complete downpour. I was starting to get worried that the event would be rained out like it was last year in June. The rain had passed and I was so happy! Even though it had rained, the sun was out and the humidity was on full blast. By the time we got there, it was well into the 80s maybe even 90s. And of all colors, I wore my black Kyle Busch shirt. My mom and I were completely hot and sweaty and by the numbers of people there … I was starting to get frustrated. I’m just one of those people who can’t stand to walk behind people who walk slow and soak up the scenery. That’s my biggest problem, especially attending a NASCAR event because I have no patience. I eventually got over it, though.

We had walked around, bought some stuff and found our original seats in Turn 1. I looked at the dirt late models … and I couldn’t find Kyle’s car! I thought well maybe his car is on the other side. So mom and I walked to Turn 4 and still no sight of Kyle’s late model. We had loved turn 4 because we could see everything there. We decided to abandon our turn 1 seats and got out chairs that we had packed and set up in turn 4, in the grassy area. This time, my mom could watch her favorite drivers Jimmie Johnson and Clint Bowyer work on their cars and watch the other races. I had gotten to watch Kyle last year so I think it was only right if she got to this year. (We couldn’t find Kyle’s late model because the decals weren’t on it yet!) Plus, Travis Pastrana was on this side as well. (I have always been a Travis Pastrana fan. I even have his book “The Big Jump: The Tao of Travis Pastrana”.) I actually was freaking our when I heard he was going to be racing in the Prelude to the Dream and that he was on Kyle Busch’s team: Team Levine!

Time went on, drawls for qualifying started and then hot laps. As I was looking at Clint Bowyer’s and Ricky Carmichael’s haulers, I noticed a guy on top of RC’s hauler. He was kinda short, had dark hair, and had on a head set that you could talk into. Then I found out that Mike and Austin Dillon were the owners of the #4 of Ricky Carmichael's dirt late model. I made the connection and it was Austin Dillon on top of the hauler! I was overwhelmed because I’m a big fan of Austin Dillon! I started being a fan of his when he ran some Nationwide Races for RCR! Anyways, I kept an eye on him the whole time. He gets into the races and he is kinda goofy, from what I can tell though.

Day turned to night and it was time for the heats! Kasey Kahne won the first heat, Ryan Newman won the second heat, and KYLE BUSCH won the third heat! I couldn’t believe that Kyle won the 3rd heat! Kyle and Justin Allgaier had a very nice and clean battle for the lead! It was amazing. I was screaming so loud!

Then it was time for the Prelude to the Dream! Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch stayed out front the whole time. It was amazing because all of the cautions would stack them back up. Jimmie Johnson ended up winning the whole race and I couldn’t be anymore happier for him! Jimmie was a part of Team Levine so Kyle’s team came out on top! Tony Stewart started from the back because he wanted to win the $50,000 for his team if he could come from the back and win the whole thing. He was very impressive to watch because he ended up finishing 6th! Drivers like Denny Hamlin and Carl Edwards were nice to watch as well. Both drivers ran very well and I was happy for both of them for their great finishes! Congrats to Clint Bowyer, too, because he is the owner of Jimmie’s dirt late model.

I had a great time at Eldora Speedway and can’t wait till next year! I want to say thank you to Tony Stewart. You created this event and it has brought numbers of people out every year. You are an amazing person and you have a very big and warm heart. You’re a hero to so many fans out there.

Picture #1 - Eldora Speedway from Turn 4!
Picture #2 - Finally getting a look and a shot of Kyle's dirt late model!
Picture #3 - Jimmie Johnson's dirt late model in Victory Lane!
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