Ryan Newman Visits Dixie Chopper Employees in Fillmore, Ind.

Fillmore, IN - From the race track to the small town of Fillmore, Ryan Newman takes time off to visit some Dixie Chopper employees down in Fillmore, Ind. He came down here not only to visit, but to film a promotional piece or commercial for Dixie Chopper.

Newman had spent the day at Dixie Chopper by having lunch with the workers and a question-and-answer session. Questions varied from "boxers or briefs?" to "who are your best friends in NASCAR?" Ryan preferred boxers, and his very close friends he said were Tony Stewart, Martin Truex Jr. and Kevin Harvick. Newman says he bonds really close to his race team and he likes to go hunting and fishing with his teammate/team owner Tony Stewart.

Newman surprised everyone at Dixie Chopper by eating lunch with them. My dad and his best friend Kevin were in the lunch line behind Ryan Newman, and Newman let them go ahead of him. That's how nice of a guy Newman seemed to them.

Another question that was asked was about when Newman starred in the TV show "American Pickers." One of them asked, "Do you still have the Phillips 66 sign?" Newman replied back "Yes, still do, and in fact we just hung it up and it was so big and heavy."

Newman said that "the Indy 500 is cool but the Brickyard 400 is way cooler."

The native South Bend transplanted to North Carolina was very glad to be back in his home state of Indiana.

Since the session was repetitively short, Newman explained what it was like to go 200 miles per hour and how it is being a NASCAR driver. He said that on the race track all of the drivers tolerate each other. It's just a whole different game.

The real reason why Newman was in town was because he wanted to tell Dixie Chopper how tough their lawnmowers were and that he had already put them to the test by hitting rocks where he lives at.

After visiting and filming, Newman was shipped to the Dixie Chopper Center for a two-hour autograph session for his fans, before jetting back to North Carolina.

Newman will be in action in the Sprint Cup Series and the Nationwide Series at Daytona this weekend.
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