Keselowski and Edwards Not Backin' Down

First we heard from NASCAR and their decision on penalties for both Brad Keselowski and Carl Edwards. Now both drivers have said their peace in different media sessions in Indianapolis.

Just like always, these two racers see one incident in a very different light. What's even more confusing, Brad seems to be "happy" about NASCAR's decision to also place him on probation the rest of the year. Keselowski says it "takes away the pressure of retaliation." While I tend to agree with him, after hearing Edwards' comments in the media center I still believe this feud is far from over.

Brad's interview was pretty typical for a driver who is looking beyond Gateway and just ready to put it behind him. He was pretty adamant that he "slipped a tiny bit" getting into Carl, which seemed to give Carl justification for the retaliation he lashed out coming to the checkers. Brad also stands behind his actions, saying he wouldn't do anything differently as he clearly believes what he did was not intentional but just hard racing.

Carl's opinions on Saturday night's race could not have been more different. Carl insists he is not the one "initiating" the run-ins he has had with Keselowski. He also says he's "done a better job at keeping the car under control." He also feels that Brad's "slip up" was not a mistake but moreso intentional.

The irony in all of this is Brad was right in his interview on Saturday night when he said Carl would play the "good guy." This was displayed by Carl apologizing to all the teams involved that shouldn't have been when Brad went spinning. I was really even more confused when Carl said he would rather finish second than get a win the way he did Saturday night. I think I must've missed something, because the major events that took place Saturday night that he is so "sorry" for were caused by his revenge-seeking actions.

Either way, both the Nationwide and Cup series have moved on to Indianapolis and it's time to focus on the race at hand. However, I honestly believe we have not seen the last of the clashes between these two just yet.

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Photo: Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images for NASCAR
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