NASCAR Anonymously Fines Two Top Drivers

News broke late yesterday about NASCAR fining two drivers for comments made that were degrading to the sport or to the fans. Granted, I don't know who these drivers are I can certainly speculate who they might be.

Coming off a season last year that was very vanilla, aside from the Keselowski/Hamlin Nationwide feud, I have to say I was excited this season to hear what drivers really thought and somewhat catch a glimpse of just who these guys we cheer for week in and week out really are.

At the same time I am hypocritical in my own thoughts. It's for these very reasons I have been known to discourage my three year old from cheering for Kyle Busch, because of the things he has said and the way he acts. I can understand NASCAR's feeling of trying to protect their product as I am trying to protect my child from the words and actions of an outspoken and passionate driver.

However, I don't see how putting a muzzle on drivers is good for the sport. It's the passion and heart of these guys that a lot of people I know tune in on the weekends to see. I think NASCAR is taking a big risk in trying to protect the integrity of the sport by somewhat limiting what the drivers are allowed to say to their fan base. In feeling this way about NASCAR's attempt to keep the drivers quiet, I know I have to let up on my son and let him cheer on the very outspoken Kyle Busch!
NASCAR Anonymously Fines Two Top Drivers NASCAR Anonymously Fines Two Top Drivers Reviewed by Amber Arnold on Tuesday, July 27, 2010 Rating: 5