NASCAR Draws A Line in the Sand: Keselowski and Edwards Penalties Announced

2010 Gateway1 NNS Edwards Keselowski accident From the second Brad Keselowski and Carl Edwards made contact Saturday night in the NASCAR Nationwide event at Gateway International Raceway we have been debating what NASCAR would do. Some people speculated that NASCAR would continue with their “have at it boys” stance while others were demanding Edwards be held accountable for his actions. Fans screamed that Edwards should be suspended while others took the stance that Edwards was just doing his job and that Keselowski deserved what he got.

Regardless of what side of the debate you fall on, this is perhaps the most talked about rivalry we have seen in years and it’s one that will continue to unfold as Edwards and Keselowski battle for the Nationwide Series Championship.

But, both drivers are going to have to keep their tempers in check and their cars under control if they want to make it through the rest of the season without further action being taken against them.

It was announced on Wednesday that both Keselowski and Edwards would be held accountable for their roles in Saturday’s accident that left Keselwoski’s car in pieces while Edwards headed to victory lane.

According to NASCAR the actions of both drivers fall under section 12-1 of the rule book. Section 12-1 is defined as “actions detrimental to stock car racing/aggressive driving. The penalties are as follows:
  • Brad Keselowski, driver of the #22 for Penske Racing, has been place on probation until December 31, 2010 – This probation applies to all of NASCAR’s divisions
  • Carl Edwards, driver of the #60 for Roush Fenway Racing, has been placed on probation until December 31, 2010. Like Keselowski's probation Edwards’ also applies in all of NASCAR’s series. Additionally Edwards was docked 60 championship points, and was fined $25,000.
  • Car owner Jack Roush was penalized 60 owner points.
After the official word was announced NASCAR, via their Twitter account, had this to say in a series of Tweets explaining their ruling:
  • Since putting the driving back in the hands of the drivers we’ve seen very exciting, side by side racing…
  • …However, we also said that there is a line that a driver can cross and when that happens we will stop in and maintain law and order/
  • Following Atlanta, we met with Brad and Carl to make it clear that racing hard doesn’t mean ruing other competitors’ days
  • In our review of this most recent incident, Carl and Brad crossed the line.
  • It is important to remember that this is not the first time these two have gotten into one another on the track – there is a history there.
Here at Skirts and Scuffs we have had wide range of views expressed on this issue and now we want to hear from you regarding the ruling. Is it fair? Should Keselowski have been put on probation? Is probation just a slap on the wrist? You tell us what you think.
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