NASCAR may have finally drawn line in the sand

It looks like NASCAR may have figured out where the proverbial "line" is with a little help from Carl Edwards after Saturday night's Nationwide Series race at Gateway International Raceway.

Following the incident between Edwards and Brad Keselowski in the Sprint Cup event at Atlanta Motor Speedway back in March, NASCAR placed Edwards on probation for three races, with no fine and no suspension -- seemingly to the dismay of some of his fellow competitors. The move, or lack thereof, prompted Kevin Harvick to tweet that he maybe should ask NASCAR for refunds for some of his fines from over the years.

According to NASCAR President Mike Helton, the issue in the Atlanta incident was the fact that Keselowski's car got airborne, something that Edwards didn't intend to happen. Helton also said in a statement following the Atlanta incident that NASCAR hadn't yet determined where the line actually was that drivers would have to cross before NASCAR stepped in to help settle matters between drivers despite NASCAR "new" policy allowing drivers to police themselves....

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Photo courtesy of NASCAR Media
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