S & S receives a THUMBS UP!

Recently, @LindiB_NASCAR, a contributor to this site, held a giveaway for the great followers of both her and the Skirts and Scuffs site. The item was the above life-size cut-out of Kyle Busch posing with the sexy green M & M.

The contest was open to all and the winner was chosen randomly using an application called Twitrand. The winner that was chosen was @4RowdyFans. Her name is Brittany Hayes. Brittany has a son who is a huge Kyle Busch fan and has been collecting Kyle Busch memorabilia for a good portion of his life.

His name is Taylor and he actually got to meet Kyle when he was 4 in 2009 at Bristol Motor Speedway because of his medical problems. His mother, Brittany, has decorated Kyle’s room with KB items. She entered the contest. Brittany tweeted after winning, “As soon as I saw the Twitter ID pic (of the prize) I was hoping that he would be the one” and by nothing short of a miracle, they won!

I really enjoy giving things away, but for some reason this time it was more special. I just wanted to share this with the readers of Skirts and Scuffs. Below are photos that Brittany shared after Kyle arrived by FedEx at their home in Virginia.
Taylor opening the box with Kyle Busch inside.

Taylor gives us a “THUMBS UP!”taylor with Kyle thumbs up
Taylors bedroom in Virginia
tay with kb 3
Congrats Taylor! We hope you enjoy your prize. It’s so awesome that you won and we hope you are feeling better soon.
With love from your friends at Skirts and Scuffs!
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