Fashion in NASCAR

This morning, as I was pulling on my jeans, I wondered to myself, "Just what do the NASCAR drivers wear for clothes?" So, I went on a hunt for anything that would answer my question. I stumbeled upon an aritcle on from February 2008.

Of course, the first person they interviewed was Sherry Pollex, girlfriend of Martin Truex Jr., and also the owner of Lavendar Boutique in North Carolina. Pollex is obviously high fashion and describes how excited she was when Chandra Johnson wore one of her purchases from Lavendar Boutique on pit road, but she also sells her clothing to the drivers.

Kasey Kahne is a guy you would think is just simple jeans and tee-shirts everyday, right? Wrong. The Budweiser driver said "I'm pretty picky about my jeans, I'll try on ten pairs and buy zero or some days I'll buy five." Then he goes on to say the most he has ever paid for jeans, which rings in at $190. However, he said that he does not pay attention to the fashion trends on pit road.

On the other hand, Carl Edwards had not been shopping awhile and said, "My assistant Angela picks out stuff for me, but I got these boots from a People Magazine shoot a long time ago, I wear them so much I had to have them re-soled,"

Kyle Petty, famed for his iconic ponytail, said that drivers wore what they could afford back in the times of Dale Earnhardt and also says, "[Fashion] adds zero to the sport, I don't have any energy for it. What do I care about fashion? I haven't had a haircut in 15 years. I'm ready for my plaid pants and stripped shirt phase." Will someone tell this guy that plaid pants are out?!

Sherry Pollex says, "Honestly for me, it's a respect thing as well. Like church on Sundays, when I walk out there, I have a sense of pride because I'm a reflection of Martin and what he does." I am sure that most NASCAR wives would agree.

One other person that comes to my mind is DeLana Harvick. Almost every weekend during the Sprint Cup race, the wife of the 29 driver is supporting her husband by wearing her own Pennzoil firesuit. Just one of the reasons I love DeLana and what she believes in.

When you are watching the races, look at some of the things that the mothers, girlfriends, and wives are wearing. This is just example of the way that women have shaped NASCAR.


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