Roush Fenway Continues Sustainability Efforts

Both at Home and in the Community, Roush Fenway Remains a Leader in

Concord, N.C. (August 25, 2010) - Its no secret that Roush Fenway
Racing recycles 96 percent of every race car but it’s their continued
efforts to become more sustainable that is really paying off for the
environment. In 2009 the team recycled 65 tons of plastics, metal and
paper and implemented small but impactful changes across all its
facilities. These efforts helped the team meet its goal of an overall
10 percent improvement in indoor air quality; reduction of water
consumption; increase in waste reduction and recycling; and improvement
in energy usage over the last year.

“I am most proud of the smaller impacts we have achieved,” said Ian
Prince, Roush Fenway’s director of real estate and sustainability.
“The second and third rounds of reduction and improvement are
exponentially harder to achieve.”

In total the team recycled 26,660 pounds of plastic in 2009, up from
12,427 pounds in 2008. The increased number reflects a company-wide
education and an increase in the number of items that were recycled
beyond drink bottles. The team also recycled 11,335 pounds of paper,
down from 19,628 pounds the year before in part because of the efforts
to either not print documents or use auto-duplexing.

Additionally, the team has switched to biodegradable soy-based products
where practical (instead of harmful chemical degreasers); eliminated
Styrofoam cups; switched from 400w bulbs to 360w bulbs; mandated a
managed forestry content for all paper, envelopes, etc.; and added
additional occupancy sensors in the race and fabrication shops to reduce
energy consumption. The effort doesn’t stop at the shop though, Roush
Fenway is extending its efforts beyond the race team as well.

Roush Fenway is a participant in the Cabarrus Sustainability Council, a
joint effort between the Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce and
Cabarrus Economic Development that works to promote sustainability
through public and private collaborations. Just this week, the Council
announced a partnership between local school systems, the business
community and local government to bring a comprehensive recycling
program to local schools beginning this school year.

“This project really is an example of what can happen when the public
and private sector roll up their sleeves and work together for a common
community good,” said Prince, also the chair of the Cabarrus
Sustainability Council.
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