A Win At Home Again

This time last year Brad Keselowski, driver of the 88, wanted nothing more than to win at Michigan, his home track. Brad would end up winning for the first time at his home track, something he wanted to do for a long time.

Now it's 2010 and we're back at Michigan. Brad Keselowski, with new team Penske and the current points leader in the Nationwide Series, wanted nothing more than to win again at home. Brad would go on to win the pole Saturday in the 22 Discount Tire Dodge, which by the way, was the new car this race. It looked fast and great - it was sure to be a car to watch.

The race was green and that 22 was gone. Brad had every lap, and then green flag stops were under way. Brad’s first stop was clean and he still had the lead. It wasn’t till lap 64 that the first caution came out. Pit stops were under way, but problems arose for the 22 team.

Something was amiss with the clutch. The clutch wasn’t working right; it caused Brad to stall. Brad would lose the lead to Paul Menard. Was this clutch problem the end of the 22's chances to win at his home track? It may have seemed like Brad Keselowski’s chances were over. New leader Carl Edwards had taken the lead and now Brad was in second.

Before I knew it, Brad was side by side with Carl. It gave me chills of excitement but also made me shake in my boots. Just like that, the 22 was back to being our leader. However, green flag stops were under way, which meant Keselowski would have to pit. Would the car stall again?

Sadly the 22 did stall again, causing Brad to drop to third and Carl Edwards would pick up the lead. It looked like Carl would win, but Brad had a fast car and was now up to second. Could the 22 with clutch problems make up for lost time and close in on the 60 of Edwards? Could the hometown boy win for the second time?

Luckily a caution came out. Neither Keselowski or Edwards pitted; the two would start side by side. What would happen? Who would win? Would it be Edwards or the hometown boy? The green flag dropped and both Edwards and Keselowski raced clean. But Keselowski, fast like he had been all day, shot ahead of Edwards and was gone. Could Keselowski win - even with his clutch problems?

Brad Keselowski, small-town Michigan boy, overcame a clutch problem and won! Back-to-back wins at home. It was truly a great and wonderful day for Brad, to win at his home track back-to-back times. It was also a great feeling as a fan to see him win at his home track. Plus, Brad also won in the new car, the Dodge Charger.

It was truly an amazing race to see someone like Brad Keselowski, who has worked and thrived to get to where he is today. To see someone like Brad win at his home track again is just double the joy and double the greatness.

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Photo: Geoff Burke/Getty Images for NASCAR
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