Friday, September 17, 2010

Follow-up on Samantha Sarcinella - Riding Shotgun with Kyle Busch on ESPN

Riding Shotgun

ESPN is airing "Riding Shotgun: Kyle Busch," a reality show leading up to the first race of the NASCAR Sprint Cup championship. If you're a fan of Kyle's, you probably already knew. If not, you're sure to become a fan after watching this five-part series. Although some might say that his fiancee Samantha was actually in the driver's seat, the show really brings forth the strong bond between Kyle and Samantha. Samantha was interviewed earlier this year by Skirts and Scuffs columnist Lindi Bess. You can find that interview by clicking here.

"Hey there hot stuff, you look great!" says Sam in response to seeing Kyle in his bright pink firesuit. This is a scene you will find in the first episode, as well as the "in fun" banter with other NASCAR drivers in the garage when Kyle reveals himself for the first time. This firesuit is the center of the Sponsafier campaign initiated by Toyota this year that allows the fans to interact with the driver in a way never done before.

"Riding Shotgun" follows Kyle and Samantha around during the hussle and bussle of championship week. Airing Sept. 13-17, the show follows the couple as they deal with their upcoming wedding in December as well as documenting the #18 team as they prepare for the championship. This will be Kyle's fourth appearance in the Chase. Should Kyle become the champion, it'll be a first for Toyota. Kyle was the first Sprint Cup driver to bring a foreign car into Victory Lane during his first year with JGR in 2008.

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