No. 33 car opens the flood gates of discussion

When teams bend the rules to make their cars better, is it a matter of creative engineering or just flat out cheating? And, also, what should NASCAR do about it? The No. 33 Sprint Cup Series car of Richard Childress Racing driven by Clint Bowyer has opened up this can of worms and seems to have gotten more people talking about the subject than other rules violators in recent memory.

According to NASCAR, team owner Richard Childress was warned that his No. 33 car just barely skirted through the inspection process a couple of weeks ago at Richmond International Raceway, but that the car was legal. It just wasn’t comfortably well within NASCAR’s allowable tolerances.

The car the team showed up with at New Hampshire Motor Speedway a week later apparently wasn’t legal. Although it made its way through the pre-race inspection process, it was later discovered by NASCAR officials that the placement of the car’s body on the chassis wasn’t exactly in harmony with the specifications NASCAR had in place.

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Photo of Clint Bowyer by Amanda Vincent
No. 33 car opens the flood gates of discussion No. 33 car opens the flood gates of discussion Reviewed by Amanda Vincent on Friday, September 24, 2010 Rating: 5