""Atta Boy!"

"'Atta Boy!"

That is what I yelled when I was watching qualifying yesterday and Kasey passed the finish line and qualified for the pole. His time of 30.920 completely dominated the qualifying results.
It is so nice to see Kahne, a non-chaser that has clearly had horrible luck all season long, qualify for a pole over all the Chase guys. Even better, his teammate, Paul Menard, is starting right up front with him! I'm sure RPM did not see this coming, because I didn't. An interesting fact, Elliott Sadler, who is also leaving RPM at the end of the season, qualified 15th. Meanwhile, A.J. Allmendinger qualified 30th.

I'm looking forward to next season to see how Kasey performs under a new team. He is a great driver with a great potential to win a lot of races or, even better, a championship. I have a good feeling that Kasey will show all the doubters what he is made of next year at Red Bull Racing and then the year after at Hendrick Motorsports. Especially at Hendrick. With Jimmie Johnson, a driver who has dominated the Sprint Cup series, Dale Earnhardt Jr., the most popular driver, and Jeff Gordon, a driver that came from a background like Kasey's and is a great driver, Hendrick can do no wrong by adding Kasey to the roster.

I do not pay attention to the results coming from Hendrick this year. It doesn't matter to me where they finish. The drivers are not the same. If I were to compare Mark Martin to Kasey, I wouldn't be saying the same things about them. Mark is a well seasoned veteran and is a great driver, while Kasey is in his seventh seson in the Sprint Cup series. They come from different backgrounds, they have different crew chiefs. The list is endless.

All in all, Kasey is not giving up and I felt that his pole-winning was an excuse to write about him. Keep your eyes on Kasey Kahne, he's already gearing up for the 2011 season!
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