Cheerios and other healthy NASCAR sponsors

Clint Bowyer fans may want to check out the Cheerios website if they want a chance to meet him and attend a Charlotte race next year.

I bought a box this week and was led to the site, where "you could win an ultimate experience," and one of the experiences is a chance to attend the October race, visit the infield and watch the race from the pit box or the Richard Childress lounge. If Bowyer wins, you could also join him in victory lane!

All you have to do is make a pledge to take care of your heart so that you can have the chance to do the things you love to do.

Throughout the years, it's always seemed that NASCAR was only sponsored by unhealthy food and beverage choices. As of late, it seems those sponsors are changing. I'm not going to give a health food lecture, but I'm just saying, it's possible that you can live healthy and be a NASCAR fan.

Carl Edwards' primary sponsor is Aflac, but he's also sponsored by Subway, Kellogg's and Vitamin Water.

Jeff Gordon will now have AARP Drive to End Hunger as a sponsor next season. He also gets some sponsorship from Pepsi Max, a low-calorie and sugar-free Pepsi.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was also sponsored for a race this year by Diet Mountain Dew, which also has low calories and is sugar-free.

The effort is there. I'm not expecting all health food products to sponsor a driver. I mean, can you just picture: Dasani water, organic vegetables, orange juice or Silk Soy becoming the primary sponsors for racing? That would be funny (to me anyway).

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