Katy Lindamood

Position: Founder / Editor-in-Chief / Media Representative   

Email: katylindamood@SkirtsandScuffs.com

Hometown: Wheelersburg, OH – Resides in Ashland, KY
It amazes me every day the caliber of women who have chosen to make Skirts and Scuffs their home and I consider them to all be part of my extended family. We were united through a love of racing, but the bonds we have formed go beyond the asphalt and the rubber.
A NASCAR fan for nearly 25 years, Katy Lindamood is the founder of Skirts and Scuffs. While most teenagers were drooling over the latest teen heartthrob Katy was perched on the couch crunching numbers and taking notes on what was going on in the world of racing. Although she stopped following the sport religiously while in college, a friend got her back into the groove a couple years later. While some of the names had changed and a new points system had gone into play, the racing was just as exhilarating as it had been when she first became a fan.

In October 2009, with a passion for NASCAR and a clear goal in mind, Katy set out with a small group of female writers from all walks of life on a mission to debunk the stereotypes often associated with women who follow racing. In addition to her duties of calling the shots for the Skirts and Scuffs team, Katy writes when she can find the time between her day job as a sales associate for a major retailer and remodeling her home. Although the idea for Skirts and Scuffs was hers, Katy credits the talented team of writers and photographers for making her dream a reality and profiles them in the column Beyond the Byline. Katy resides in Ashland, Kentucky with her husband of ten years, Ryan and their two dogs.
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