Stacey Owens

Position: Support Editor / Columnist

Column: Right Sides Only


Stacey Owens laughs when she’s asked whether she and her husband like the same Monster Energy Series drivers. Her husband doesn’t watch NASCAR; she’s the sole motorsports fan in her home. She’s been a fan since 2002 and is thrilled to be a part of the Skirts and Scuffs family.

Her love of NASCAR and her skills as an editor make her a natural fit as a support editor and columnist for the sport she loves so much.

Stacey writes the weekly column “Right Sides Only: Notes from a Winning Crew Chief.” She believes that just as much of the spotlight should be shown on the guy who sits atop the war wagon because even though the driver gets the attention, NASCAR is most definitely a team sport, and no driver can win without a genius calling the shots from above.
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