Apolo Anton Ohno Visits NASCAR

Imagine my delight and surprise to see gold medallist Apolo Anton Ohno, the American short track speed skater, when the race coverage began for the Subway Fresh Fit 500 from Phoenix. If you haven’t had the distinct pleasure of watching this incredible athlete in his natural element, then you need to find a way! Apolo Anton Ohno is a fierce competitor and an unparalleled athlete. Watching him maneuver and think lightening fast during a match is fascinating and heart-racing entertainment. To watch this man in motion is as adrenaline-fueled as watching the NASCAR boys race at the short tracks.

If this man’s daring on the short tracks isn’t enough, I fell in love with him again when he was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars during its Spring 2007 season. Paired with dancing darling Julianne Hough, the blonde bombshell with talent, creativity, and a drive second only to Ohno, the two danced their way into America’s hearts and won the celebrity contest. Each week my husband and I would watch this graceful, energetic, and chemistry-filled couple enchant us on the dance floor. Watching them win the competition solidified our fandom for Ohno. Watching him in the following Winter Olympic games made us fans for life.

Seeing Ohno during the Subway Fresh Fit 500 made us feel great! Long have we felt Ohno epitomizes NASCAR – speed, teamwork, confidence, grace, determination, and, in the end, a champion. I hope to see more of Ohno in NASCAR’s world, even if it continues to be with the Subway sponsorship. These two forces, NASCAR and Ohno, are unbeatable to these fans!
Apolo Anton Ohno Visits NASCAR Apolo Anton Ohno Visits NASCAR Reviewed by Chief 187 on Sunday, February 27, 2011 Rating: 5