Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Missing The Man: Poem Tribute to Dale "The Intimidator" Earnhardt, Sr.

Missing The Man
Written By: Unique Hiram

Rough around the edges,
With a smile as big as the sun,
Dark black sunglasses,
Displaying a scowl second to none,

Battling and fighting on the track,
Leaving his competitors upset and dumbfounded,
He drove with immense passion,
His demeanor was stern and focused,

Sacrifices – he made them,
Still remembering where he came from,
Never swayed to give in to the fame and fortune,
He believed in hard work and pressing forward,

Accolades, trophies and championships gained,
Thriving business and loving family he maintained,
He could have retired and watched his race team grow,
But he continued to race because he loved it so,

He prepared to race again at that infamous track,
Not once thinking he wouldn’t make it back,
He made history by winning the Daytona 500 after so many close calls,
Dealing with bad luck and many pitfalls,

His race team was riding one, two, and three,
Another Daytona win – could this really be?
Mikey and JuneBug were leading the way,
Behind them he was driving hard and blocking – that car was doing a little sway,

I can see his big grin and the sparkle in his eyes,
Realizing that DEI was headed for the big prize,
He left here doing what he loved,
I know that he is looking down, with that big grin, from the heavens above.


*Photo courtesy of a personal road trip to DEI January 2009/This poem was written by me approximately three years ago after being inspired by a number of tributes that were being broadcast during that time*


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