Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Art of Wrapping Your Car

On occasion Skirts and Scuffs allows guests to write posts that will be published to the site. Today we share a post from Kristina Zelisko about car wraps.

NASCAR drivers are among the biggest and the best when it comes to the world of advertising. Take top driver Kyle Busch as a perfect example. There is absolutely no mistaking who the sponsors behind number 18 car are. That advertising is key in letting the drivers support and recognize their backers as well as giving the sponsors the ability to have their name and their brand right out front and center in the public eye.

Not too far back in the past those cars were actually painted with sponsor advertising and given the nature of the sport of racing, they had to be re-painted and touched up on a pretty regular basis. Needless to say, it was a labor intensive practice. The advent of new technology and a high quality vinyl product by 3M changed that practice in a relatively short time. Motorsports Designs had one driver signed up for the new car decal program in 1982, and, by 1984, they had all but one of the cup drivers signed on as clients. It’s been a booming business ever since. In just one racing season a team can require several hundred RaceWraps.

The advertising in the race world will always be extremely prominent and the invention of the RaceWraps means that the down time required to change a car’s color scheme or sponsorship has been slashed. A good application team can have a car wrapped and ready to roll in just a few hours in comparison to the days needed to cut out and paint the cars by hand.

Essentially, the car wraps are like the “skins” bought to decorate cell phones or laptops. They can be changed, applied or removed all together with little effort which makes them very user friendly. In fact, they’re so easy and accessible that they’ve expanded from the race world and moved on to the vehicles of everyday drivers. Decals have always been very popular with car owners- professional or otherwise- and the creation of products like decal packages ensure that this popularity will continue far into the future.

Check out some of Kyle Busch’s different RaceWraps:


I own a Honda Civic 2007 Mugen edition. I had Mugen decals installed on it. K&N Intakes were generous enough to give out decals as well.

I don't think I've seen many car wraps around. It sounds like a good idea but I think you need to have the right machine and driving skills to back it up.

The idea of adding wraps on the car is great. This is one of the strategies of big companies to advertise their products and services. By the way, I love that Snicker wrap.

Most of the sports cars are being wrapped because of their different sponsors. The idea of wrapping a car is a very good marketing strategy as well. I wonder how my used lincoln mkx looks like when covered by a wrapper.

I've seen some car racing shows on TV and they have installed car camera to monitor the driver inside the car. This can also be used by common people. They can install car cameras to monitor the behavior of the driver (if a driver is hired) towards the passengers.

This post simply reminds us the importance of making our cars looking smooth and sharp! For car rental businesses, designing the car's appearance is fundamental in attracting customers.

I spotted a sports car last weekend. It was wrapped with snickers' images too. It looked great in spite of it being wrapped. I wonder how my newly bought car from an audi dealer would like if I'm going to wrap it. Do you have any suggestion?

It is not uncommon for racing cars or sports cars to have wraps. A lot of them get some money out of the wrappers. I would love to have a spots car, but I think wrapping it would not be a plus for me.

One of the Toyota Dealers in NY tole me that wrapping is a way of the companies to advertise their products or services. Sports cars are among the widely used medium because of the car racing popularity.

I really love how every vehicle wraps in seattle looks like. It really fits the way racing cars should be.

The steps to be taken are usually very challenging and difficult if a business does not have a goal.

better to sell it now and get something newer, or just let the old one run itself into the ground?

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