'NASCAR Unites' Creates Two Million Ways For NASCAR Fans To Support Children’s Causes

Unifying the motorsports community through volunteerism and fundraising

RICHMOND, Va. (April 29, 2011) – The NASCAR Foundation today announced “NASCAR Unites,” an industry initiative led by The NASCAR Foundation that creates an opportunity for NASCAR fans, drivers, teams, tracks, sponsors and more to unite to improve the lives of children across the nation. NASCAR Unites engages the sport in a collaborative effort to support children’s causes through fundraising, volunteering, sharing inspirational stories and unifying to make a difference.

To support this new initiative, The NASCAR Foundation will operate three major programs in 2011:
  • NASCAR Day – Celebrated this year on May 20, NASCAR Day is an annual charitable celebration that unifies the NASCAR community to better the lives of children. Plans for NASCAR Day activities will include local activities at numerous NASCAR race tracks around the country.
  • Summer of Volunteer Service – This summer, The NASCAR Foundation will encourage fans to pledge at least five hours of volunteer service in an effort to collectively generate more than one million hours of giving back to local communities.
  • Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award – The Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award will recognize active community volunteers. Beginning April 29, fans are encouraged to submit inspiring stories demonstrating a local champion’s support of children’s causes. Volunteer nominations may be submitted online until July 18.
By implementing these programs, NASCAR Unites will offer fans and the NASCAR community “Two Million Ways to Unite for Kids” in 2011. Through NASCAR Unites’ volunteerism and fundraising efforts, The NASCAR Foundation will grant $1 million to children’s charities and generate one million volunteer hours in local communities to help children lead happier, healthier lives.

 “We are so proud to announce the NASCAR Unites initiative,” said Betty Jane France, chairwoman of The NASCAR Foundation. “This is the ‘next evolution’ of The NASCAR Foundation but also, quite simply, just a wonderful idea that extends the reach of The Foundation.

“Within our daily lives, it’s important to remember just how fortunate we are … and to lend a helping hand to those in need. That’s exactly what NASCAR Unites aims to do: Improve lives – in two million ways.”

To achieve these goals, The NASCAR Foundation has designed multiple ways to get involved:
  • To achieve one million volunteer hours, supporters are asked to pledge five volunteer hours. Visit NASCAR.COM/Unites to participate and search for volunteer opportunities.
  •  NASCAR Unites wristbands showcase fans’ passion for children’s causes and encourage acts of service. With a $5 donation, supporters receive a wristband which serves as an icon of the NASCAR Unites campaign.
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