Fast Facts: Race4Girls

Race4Girls is a new organization whose goal is to raise funds for equipment for female race car drivers in seven different racing series, including the Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series, Camping World Truck Series, and ARCA. Here’s a little background on the organization and how you can help out female drivers like Jennifer Jo Cobb.
  • Race4Girls is “all about getting support for women,” according to President and CEO Tracey Passantino. “The women are so underfunded.”
  • The idea behind the program: “The incentive to become a registered driver has to do with qualifying by earning points doing different things,” said Passantino. “Once somebody has qualified, then they can earn the grant.” Part of earning points is getting fans to the website to make contributions. “It’s all for equipment…everybody talks about how 80% of the race is actually equipment – if we can get better equipment for these girls, then maybe they have a better chance of running, of earning more when they finish.”
  • Jennifer Jo Cobb has been a great help and inspiration to Passantino. “Jennifer and I have known each other since around 1998 – she was involved in a promotion I was doing for General Motors dealerships in Kansas City. We were doing a fundraiser for an organization called the Dream Factory – they’re kind of like Make-a-Wish…one of the dealerships recommended having some local drivers and Jennifer was one of the drivers I called.” Says Passantino of Cobb: “I love her enthusiasm, I love her perseverance…She can always pull her boot straps up.”
  • Race4Girls is looking for fans to make contributions starting at just $5, with funds right now going to Cobb’s efforts to runs Jennifer Jo Cobb Racing in the Nationwide Series. As more drivers register and earn points, funds will be distributed via the grant system. Donations can be made through PayPal.
  • Find out more about Race4Girls at
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