WIN Series Presents Kimberly Wallace

A Virtual Mother’s Day Card

Kim 25th
From the Family of
Kimberly Wallace

          When I first laid eyes on you in high school it was like watching you in slow motion. I said "oh my God she is beautiful" and all these years later we still are in passionate love. I love you more today than yesterday.

Kenny and Kim1
          You are my girl just like high school. You and I are a team and when we raised these kids you did most of it yourself, because I was out bringing home the bacon.  Ha ha ha ha! By yourself you deserve the "Mother of Life Award" and when it comes to thinking of people you never forget. Your memory is larger than any elephant because you are SO SWEET remembering everyone's birthdays and anniversaries.

          One of my best memories of all our travels were not the cruises or our trip to Japan or the 7 times we went to the Bahamas, but it was when we won the night race at Richmond. I pulled into Victory Lane and you came running at the car in a white shirt and your were smiling ear to ear and your boobs were bouncing and I was smiling that here comes my baby smile. I will never forget that night because at that moment I knew that you went through everything with me from high school to get where we are today. 

          You are my everything and the love of my life, SMOOOOOCH!......

Your Man,
Kenneth Lee

Brandy Lee
Brandy Lee
“The bottom line is, I wouldn't be here without her.”
          I love my mommy!  My mom has always been there for me!  It does not matter how hectic her schedule is or what she's got going on, she will drop whatever it is to help me!  Sometimes we forget to tell people how important they are and sometimes expect things or take people for granted!
         The bottom line is, I wouldn't be here without her.  I appreciate my mother beyond words.  She is truly a saint!  She keeps our crazy family "grounded" and makes sure we never missed out on the important things in life.  I am lucky to have such a cool mom, she can do just about anything!  We always had the best of the best growing up! 
         I want my mom to know how much I love her! It makes me so happy to know that no matter what happens in life, I will ALWAYS have my mom!

brittany“I can honestly tell her anything knowing she will never judge.”

      My three sisters and I are very blessed to have the mother we do. She is the main reason we have become who we are today. She has constantly kept us all grounded with my dad’s hectic career and taught us the important things in life that matter most.
          Growing up and still today my mom has always put us girls first. With school projects, birthday parties, holidays, she goes above and beyond to make sure we have the best! I recall my senior year I was in charge of food for my Class Day at school. My mom found out the day before and stayed up until all hours of the night to prepare for 400 kids.
         My mom has been by my side through ups and downs and is always there for me when I need her the most. She is easygoing and I can honestly tell her anything knowing she will never judge. My mother's love for us girls is unconditional and unlike anything in this entire world.
Love you Mom Happy Mothers Day!


“She makes up the best of who I am!"

         My mother is one of the most caring and giving people anyone will ever meet. I am truly grateful to call her my mom. She was always there for me while I was growing up, and still continues to be there as I enter my adult life. She has guided me through obstacles, and led me in the right direction.
         I am where I am because I was lucky enough to have her by my side.  I had one of the best childhoods any girl could ask for. I will always cherish the opportunities that my mother provided for us. Holidays were very important to us girls growing up.
        My mother made sure that we always got the full experience. Even to this day we find our Easter baskets on Easter morning, and we still wake up Christmas day to presents from Santa. She doesn’t do it to make us happy with all the materialistic stuff that comes along with it. She does it because she knows how much it makes us happy to feel like a child again.
       I know every daughter/son in the world probably thinks they have the greatest mother in the world, but the truth is, I do! God could not have game me a better mom. She makes up the best of who I am! She is one of my best friends!

Happy Mother’s Day Kim!  From all of us at Skirts and Scuffs.
The Wallace Family

Look for my WIN Series interview with Kim in its entirety next weekend.

This weekend is for celebrating our moms
Happy Mother’s Day to you all!
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