Hendrick Garage: Michigan Recap

Credit: Geoff Burke/Getty Images for NASCAR
Michigan. This track usually depends on one thing and one thing only, fuel mileage. Would the Hendrick drivers be able to save enough fuel, or would something happen to cause them to lose it all?

Mark Martin

Mark Martin had an off and on day, the car was either tight or loose for most of the race. Mark had good pit stops as well as a fast car when the laps were long. Mark got into a mishap with teammate Dale Earnhardt Jr., causing Earnhardt to get a flat tire. Martin ended the day in 9th and gained a spot in the points - he is now 14th.

Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon was coming off the high from last week's win, but the car didn’t seem all that well. He was the worst Hendrick qualifier, but quickly made up the ground. Jeff had a hard time fighting with his car all day at Michigan; getting the car just right would prove to be a problem for Gordon. Jeff would end the day in 17th and would lose a spot in the points, where he is now 12th.

Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson hoped to have a great day at Michigan but sadly, not even that far into the race, Johnson had a mishap and spun out. It’s not clear if he had a flat tire or if he was hit by the 43 of AJ Allmendinger. Johnson would have a horrible day, to say the least, he was either 2 laps down or 1 lap down and could never make any of that up. Johnson finished 27th, 1 lap down, and if his day couldn’t get any worse, he lost 3 spots in the points and is now 5th.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

The 88 car had been fast at the start of the race; Dale Earnhardt Jr. made up a lot of ground and was fast all day. But sadly that car wouldn’t last being fast. For some reason the front end got bent, causing the car to be very tight. Earnhardt complained about a tight car all day; he said his car was junk and a lot of other things on the radio. Earnhardt looked to be moving on up the last 30 laps when teammate Mark Martin squeezed him in, causing him to hit the wall and boom, his tire blows. Earnhardt wasn’t happy with this and showed his displeasure with his teammate. Junior finished 21st but didn’t lose any places in the points. He still sits 3rd.
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