Kyle Busch Interview with Wendy Venturini

Credit: Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images for NASCAR
Kyle Busch gave a brief interview to Wendy Venturini in the motorcoach lot; however, he didn't offer many details about the altercation that occurred between himself and Richard Childress. He eluded to the fact that he had completed the race, was preparing to leave the garage area and minding his own business when the altercation occurred.

Here is the transcript from that interview:

"Wendy Venturini (WV): What happened between you and Richard Childress following Saturday's NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race?

Kyle Busch (KB): There was an altercation in the garage area - in the Truck garage area - on my way out to my motor home. Fortunately, NASCAR is taking the situation seriously and is looking into it, and making their decision based on what facts they can discover.

WV: Did you meet with NASCAR and what did you discuss?

KB: I met with NASCAR (Sunday morning). Just discussed with them the incident to my best recollection and form there they will take all their discoveries and all their findings and make the best decision they decide to do.

WV: Do you think NASCAR should penalize Richard Childress?

KB: That's not my decision. That's NASCAR's decision. Whatever they feel best to protect their sport and to protect their sport and to protect what we have going on here is to their best discretion. I'm all for whatever they do.

WV: Do you have any reaction to Mike Helton's comments from this morning?

KB: All I can say is I did hear what (Mike) Helton said and I follow by what they said. I don't know that I did anything out of the ordinary that would provoke something of Mr. Childress. Mr. Helton gave a good description of events and what they saw happen and what further penalties might be.

WV: Do you plan any action outside of what NASCAR may decide?

KB: I'm going to leave it up to NASCAR and let them decide what they feel is best."

Busch also said that following: "I wasn't the aggressor or instigator." His bottom line is that he would like to put this incident behind him and move forward.

According to an excerpt from NASCAR's official statement on this altercation: "Richard's Childress' actions were not appropriate and fell far short of the stand we expect of owners in this sport. We have met with Childress this morning and made our position very clear to him. Further, we expect he will make it clear to all in his organization to ensure this situation does not escalate any further. We will announce our actions regarding this incident Monday."

There will definitely be a lot of the NASCAR world watching to see the outcome of this altercation.
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