Paige Duke Leaves Miss Sprint Cup Position

Acting as ambassadors for the sport of NASCAR, the three ladies who hold the position of Miss Sprint Cup can be seen each weekend in victory lane getting doused by drivers and teams as they celebrate the win. Not trophy girls in the traditional manner, the job of Miss Sprint Cup includes meeting with fans, hosting the Sprint Experience at the track, and gigs on and Speed’s NASCAR Race Hub.

Duke (right) poses with Miss Sprint Cup Kimberly Coon

Tonight we learned that Paige Duke has left her position as Miss Sprint Cup. Although no details were released regarding the reason for leaving, the official Miss Sprint Cup Facebook page posted this message:
Hey fans, Paige Duke is no longer with the Miss Sprint Cup team. We wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors. Thank you for your continued support of the Miss Sprint Cup program as we continue to bring you closer to the NASCAR action each and every week.
Duke, joined the Miss Sprint Cup team in 2010 and in 2011 worked alongside long-time Miss Sprint Cup Monica Palumbo and newcomer Kimberly Coon.

*For Paige's response, read Paige Duke speaks out
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