Trevor Bayne returns to double duty action at Michigan

2011 Michigan June NNS Practice Trevor Bayne cockpit
Credit: Jason Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR
After winning the Daytona 500, the world became aware of the Cinderella story of Trevor Bayne and Wood Brothers Racing, but this story hit a rough spot as fairytales usually do.

Bayne made his return to the NASCAR Nationwide Series two weeks ago at Chicagoland, but this weekend’s race at Michigan marks his return to the Sprint Cup Series after a long absence. Bayne became ill following a insect bite of some sort and sought medical attention. A short time later he developed new symptoms including vision changes and fatigue which landed him back in the hospital. After an extended stay at the Mayo Clinic for diagnosis and treatment, Bayne is ready for his comeback.

At the young age of 20 Bayne’s career is just peaking. He returned where he left off, finishing third at Chicagoland. He will compete in the remainder of the Nationwide races for the year and to date is scheduled for 8 more Sprint Cup races with the No. 21 team.

Throughout his ordeal, Bayne held true to his faith. In one of his tweets during his hospital stay he said, “God has something cool going on that we can't yet see!” That shows the character behind him, we root for the driver we see on the track but knowing Trevor has such strong morals makes you root for him even more.
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