Why I Love NASCAR: Collecting

NASCAR fans unite in the hobby of collecting; as this U.S. solider has
Kyle Busch sign his diecast car at Pocono.
Credit: Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images for NASCAR
I am an avid collector. I collect a lot of different things. So numerous are my collections that I can hardly list them all in one column. Collecting is fun, challenging, social, and provides endless entertainment. One of the best things about being a NASCAR fan is having a myriad of options to build collections.

Many start on being a NASCAR collector innocently by buying their driver’s t-shirt, baseball cap, or jacket. They may purchase a couple articles of clothing if they plan on attending more than one race or feel they must wear their team’s gear “for luck”. Others, however, true collectors, start with their passion. Diecast cars, trading cards, actual pieces from racecars, or even jewelry can and have all been collected. Collector fans may choose one category or they may collect anything with their driver’s team sponsor/number on it. From coolers to seat cushions, mouse pads to bottle openers; there is something for everyone in every price point.

As I mentioned, I am a collector. Adding “NASCAR fan” to my resume only opened new vistas to my collecting hobby. As a young fan I was drawn to things that had my driver’s image on it yet could be used. I collected playing cards with Dale Earnhardt on the front, remote control cars, key chains, and clothing. Over the years I expanded the collecting to include anything with the word NASCAR on it. At one time my childhood love (that continues well into adulthood) of Barbies got involved. I have the 50th Anniversary of NASCAR Barbie Doll, the McDonald’s Racing Barbie Doll, and, just last year, received the Danica Patrick Barbie Doll! I’ve also included my passion for Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments to the list of NASCAR collectibles. We have NASCAR Monopoly, NASCAR videos of all kinds, and, of course, books! Going to the NASCAR Hall of Fame in April was a fantastic experience, and also added handsomely to our NASCAR collectibles. Recently I procured handmade jewelry with Kevin Harvick’s number and colors from Custom Jewelry by Tammy, a friend of Skirts and Scuffs. As a jewelry fanatic, this new area of collectibles is number one on my list of NASCAR must-haves!

It wasn’t until we had children, however, that NASCAR collectibles started taking over our home. From the larger diecast cars to the smaller scaled ones that are akin to Matchbox-sized cars, we have had a ton enter our home. Our boys love to line them up in all types of racing schematics, and, because we don’t always update their collection, still have to be reminded that car #20 is Joey Logano not Tony Stewart and that the #8 is no longer Dale Earnhardt Jr. But it is still gratifying that they know so much of the field, have a healthy affection for NASCAR racing, and simply enjoy collecting NASCAR memorabilia.

It’s always fascinating for me to read what others collect. If you are a NASCAR collector please drop me a comment to let me know what it is you collect. For me, being a NASCAR fan is reward enough, but adding the collecting part is yet another reason why I love NASCAR.

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