Brad Keselowski hosts Twitter press conference for media members

Keselowski has found ways to wisely utilize Twitter, unlike any
other driver. Credit: John Harrelson/Getty Images for NASCAR

Press conferences usually require a press pass and tight cramped spaces, until Brad Keselowski invented the idea of the Twitter Press Conference or TPC.

Keselowski started by opening the floor to all credentialed media members, basically that means the media members who have access to press passes. Joining in were the usual reporters from ESPN, the Associated Press, Yahoo Sports and many others sites. Skirts and Scuffs is a member of The NASCAR Citizen Journalist Media Corps and are able to get press passes, so I dove into the pool potential questioners as Keselowski fired off answers.

In the TPC format, media members presented their questions and Keselowski would select a few to answer. Questions varied, here are a couple responses in case you miss out.

@tomjensen100 @keselowski — What do you feel needs to happen over the next 7 races for you to make the Chase? Tom Jensen,
@keselowski @tomjensen100 The key for us to make the chase lies in execution in my mind. We seem to have speed as of late. We just need to close out. Statistically, I think we need 1 more win and an avg finish below 12th over the next few races to guarantee ourselves.

@keselowski The larger question is, "how can we eliminate the single file racing?" To me the answer is simple. We must keep working on these cars. More testing and more work on the cot style car is the answer. I don't think we can get these cars to where they can pass with current rules. The heavier weight of the cot car comb. with the splitter sensitivity r what we fight 2 make these cars pass. This is where we need 2 work.

@bobpockrass  @keselowski if you win at the Brickyard, how long does your kiss of bricks last and how long before you wash your lips?
@keselowski @bobpockrass Idk But I'm gonna try and find out! I can only imagine it's all gritty and nasty. Which means I'll love every second :)

After all the traditional media members got their questions out of the way, Keselowski made his way to my question which was submitted by a twitter follower. I asked “Is it a challenge with Penske Racing being a 2 car team?” Keselowski replied by saying, “ Sometimes I think it's a blessing. It's so hard to get teams to work together. We naturally go down our own paths. 2 cars teams are more limited on resources for sure. However I'd rather have a great teammate like Kurt then 2 bad ones.”

I enjoyed participating in the first ever TPC and hope maybe some time Keselowski would be open to just the Citizen Media members. The traditional media members get their time every week, we do not or if we do, it is not as often. The idea of a TPC was great and once the additional kinks are worked out, I hope the idea spreads.  I for one, will be sitting by my laptop awaiting the next TPC.
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