Kasey Kahne crashes on NASCAR off-weekend.

For those unfamiliar, this is a dirt car like Kahne was driving.
Courtesy of Kasey Kahne Racing website

Despite NASCAR Sprint Cup’s off weekend, Kasey Kahne still went racing with his dirt team, Kasey Kahne Racing at Williams Grove Speedway in Pennsylvania.

Last weekend, Kahne’s driver Joey Saldana was involved in a crash that put him into the hospital and out of KKR’s No. 9 Red Bull car. The drivers were shuffled around, Brad Sweet went to the No. 9 car and Kahne filled in and took Sweet’s seat for this race.

While racing, Kahne came into contact with Craig Dollansky while driving into Turn 4, which sent his car flipping off the track. The car stopped about 30 feet later after flying over the wall.

Kahne walked away from the crash and jogged back to the track, according to the York Daily Record who took this video of the crash.

Kahne had a humorous take on his crash saying via Twitter "Got wiped out in my heat race tonight. Haven't flipped like that in a long time!"
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